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Effective Tips For Boosting Employee Morale

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Maintaining healthy levels of morale in the office is essential for the business. Even in good trading times, there will be challenges that test the relationship between workers and management. Company culture sets the tone for respect and belief in the business. With job satisfaction levels quite low i.e. around 52% it’s important to keep an eye the mood and sentiment in your workplace which is a look through to the general health of the company culture.

When employee morale is below par, productivity suffers. Dissatisfied staff start to voice their negativity, and if this is not seen as a warning sign and managed appropriately, it will end badly. Eventually, disgruntled staff leave the company of their own accord, or they are managed out.

Staff turnover rates go up, and with it, rumors will spread of staff discontent. A downward spiral will also continue to harm the business if it’s left to its own end. For example, competitors will learn of low morale and see it as an opening to poach staff. Plus, the news will spread to customers, and they will question the stability of your organisation.

Social media can be your friend and your enemy insofar as it encourages the sharing of experiences. Therefore, no business can take their employees’ morale for granted. To stop your business from becoming complacent, we have a few tips for maintaining healthy morale and company culture. As the saying goes, together we are stronger.

The common causes of low office morale include a lack of trust between employees and employers, communication breakdown, recognition, and an unreasonable workload. When the business is growing or experiencing severe trading conditions, management will get more productivity from their staff when they are inclusive, make time for some fun and reward achievement.

Help employees see how their work is more than just a job

Employees must see the benefit of all their hard work. boosts employee morale by sending out “I got a job” success stories. People like to feel like their efforts are not in vain.

Without a periodic reminder, it is easy to get lost in the day to day monotony of the office and forget the good things that come of the time spent working. Create new ways to connect employees to the positive effects of the business on the community it serves.

Find creative ways to celebrate individual accomplishments

It is natural for a business community to focus on what is ahead and forget to honour the stepping stones that have been conquered along the way. It pays to notice the accomplishments of the individual that help lead the group towards success.

With minimal research, the internet will quickly provide many results highlighting several modern and creative ways to celebrate an employee’s accomplishments. Something as simple as a list of achievements on a corkboard in the office can help raise company morale.

Make time for cooperative fun

Team building exercises are great, but make time for employees to truly have fun together. The company picnic matters more than one might think.

Rent out the local skating rink sometime, and let employees skate for free. Company game day once a month or gathering to watch the big game may help boost morale and productivity in one fell swoop.

Offer the opportunity for paid time off

Show employees that the company cares about the things that matter to them. Provide the opportunity to gain paid time off for a chance to invest their efforts elsewhere. When employees feel like they are a part of something great and that “something great” cares about their lives at home, mutual respect and admiration are built.

Train employees to maintain a positive attitude

Create an atmosphere of positivity from the very beginning of the employer-employee relationship. Training should begin and end with confidence-building activities.

For more valuable tips on staff collaboration and satisfaction see this article on how to improve your business from the inside out by looking after your staff.

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