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Choosing the best phone for a BYOD workplace

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If your workplace has a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policy, you want a fully capable, intuitive smartphone on a fast and reliable network. You can select from among a handful of networks and a seemingly endless number of suitable phones on the market. Together, you can use Apple’s productivity and business features on its smartphones coupled with a fast and dependable wireless network to get more done at the office.

Match the Network and the Phone

What’s the point of being on a network with 4G LTE if your phone can only support 3G? Instead, choose to stay up to date with the current smartphones that support the latest security software and apps to make lighter work of running your business.

Use Your Phone Storage Capabilities

Most smartphones offer varying storage. With 128 and 256 GB, the most popular, you will have no problem storing all of your files, photos, videos, documents, and apps. In the past, it was convenient to have two phones — one for work and one for personal use — because the storage capacity of the phones was limited.

Now, you can safely and conveniently store all of your important personal and professional files on the same device. For more security, you can use iCloud for storage across multiple devices. With a high-speed network and unlimited data, you can access these important files immediately. Plus you can use a tracking App if you misplace it.

Take Advantage of Business-Savvy Apps

The Apple App Store resounds with business productivity. From bookkeeping and file management to networking and virtual meeting support, you’ll find apps to accomplish your work. In many cases, you will be using apps because they are the industry standard. However, when it comes to BYOD, choices are often a matter of personal preferences and accessibility. For example, your favorite bookkeeping app may differ from the person sitting next to you.

As long as you are productive with your own device, you have more freedom when choosing your favorite apps. So test a few out and see which ones work best for your particular needs.

Give your business a competitive edge when it comes to BYOD, insist your team have phones that are secure so your business systems are not compromised by hackers gaining access via a phone with security vulnerabilities.

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