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3 Signs That It’s Time To Update The Look Of Your Brand


If you’re a recent business owner, you probably take a lot of pride in the way your company has come together. Getting everything just right likely took a lot of time, attention, and dedication. But as your business ages, it’s going to need periodic updates to ensure you’re still competitive with any newer businesses entering your market. When this happens, it could be time for you to think about updating the look and feel of your brand. To help you know if this is something you should be working on, here are three signs that it’s time to update the look of your brand.

You’ve Made A Big Change

Your business should be a living, breathing entity. In order for people to connect with it, you’ve got to be willing to make changes as your target audience changes. So when you’ve made big internal or external changes within your business, it might be a good time to make a change with your branding as well. Eric Strong, a contributor to, shares that if you’ve made changes in ownership, location, management, or anything like that, a great way to continue these positive changes is with your branding. This will also help your market associate the new changes for your company with the new changes in your branding. So if the exterior of your store is getting a facelift, think about giving your branding a facelift, too.

You’re Out Of Touch with Current Trends

Just like with fashion, trends in the business world and with design principles can change pretty quickly. Knowing this, the branding you originally chose for your business may not be vibing with the current trends that modern consumers expect to see. Gabriel Shaoolian, a contributor to, writes that if your logo or other marketing materials are using fonts, colors, or design elements that current businesses are shying away from, you may want to consider seeing how you could incorporate more current trends into your own branding. This will help to keep your business relevant and in touch with how your market is changing.

You’ve Just Overcome A Past Mistake

Sadly, a lot of businesses make mistakes that then leave consumers with a bad taste in their mouth regarding that company. This can be a huge hit for businesses to take. But luckily, many businesses are able to make adjustments and try to regain the love and trust of their customers. If this sounds like something your business is currently trying to do, Rob Bloxham, a contributor to The Guardian, recommends giving your branding a much needed update. This will make it easier for customers to differentiate between the way your business used to run and the way it’s currently being run. A visual representation of the progress you’re making could go a long way toward repairing any damage done to your reputation.

If you’re not sure when your business should consider updating its branding, use the tips mentioned above to help you figure out the right timing for your company.

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