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What To Consider When Organizing A Corporate Event

Organizing a corporate event? Well, if you’re not sure how to go about it, then read on to discover our hints and tips for making your event a success.


Organizing a corporate event? Well, if you’re not sure how to go about it, then read on to discover our hints and tips for making your event a success.


First and foremost, you need to consider the purpose of your event, what are you aiming to achieve with your corporate event? Is it a team-building exercise, a brainstorming session, a workshop, a conference or a thank you for a job well done? The purpose of the event will shape many of the other decisions you make about the day.


Your budget will, of course, be another major consideration when it comes to organizing your corporate event, dictating much of what will be possible on the day. That being said, a small budget, doesn’t mean your event won’t be a great success, as it’s often the events that the most thought has gone into, rather than with the largest budgets, which are the most memorable.


Give your event a theme to help focus your ideas and direct many of the choices you’ll make about the day, from decorations to music. Just ensure that your theme is appropriate for the event. Giving a specific theme to the event will also engage your colleagues and give them an idea of what to expect.


The timing and length of your event are also important considerations, is it to last for a few hours, a day or several days? The budget, the purpose and attendees’ work commitments, will have a bearing on the date, time and length of the event. At what time will the majority of your colleagues be able to attend? What date or time will have the least impact on the day-to-day running of the business?


In organising your corporate event, you need to have clarity about the numbers attending, so you can ensure there are sufficient facilities in place, from seating in a conference room to catering and accommodation. So ensure invitations are sent out in good time, whether by company email or in the post; and that there is a clear RSVP date, by which people must respond.


Once you know the theme, timing and numbers attending, you can organise the catering. Consider whether you simply need to supply drinks and canapés or more substantial meals? When sending out the invitations, ask attendees to advise you of any special dietary requirements so that you can brief the venue of their needs.

Dress code

Best to give your attendees a dress code, so that they feel comfortable and know at least a little of what to expect. There’s nothing like feeling you are wearing the wrong clothes to make you feel awkward throughout an event.


A key consideration when organizing a corporate event is the venue. You want a venue that will provide a distinct environment from your office, with all of the facilities you need, the ability to cater for the required numbers and more besides. Consider venues with more history and character than standard conferences venues tend to have, helping to make a memorable occasion.


The location of your venue is another key consideration; you’ll want it to be close to a major transport hub, so you all have an easy and convenient journey.

Corporate events in France are a great choice if you want a change of scenery that doesn’t entail too long a journey. You can choose a breathtaking venue, like Château Bouffémont, in idyllic scenery, that is a short journey from several major transport hubs.  After all, you want to make the most of your time away and not spend too much of it travelling.

So there you have an overview of the key considerations you need to take into account when organising a corporate event. We hope your corporate event is a great success.