Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle Within Your Company

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We all know how important following a healthy lifestyle is, as we all strive to eat better and exercise on a regular basis. Whether it’s just to look after ourselves, or lose a bit of extra weight, a healthy lifestyle can help in both aspects of mental and physical wellbeing. As a business owner, you should take some interest in the health of your employees; after all, it can have a direct impact on how productive they are in the office and how happy they are in their job.

If you are in a particularly stressful industry, such as healthcare or finance, then you may want to consider specifically promoting a healthy lifestyle to your colleagues and introducing measures to make it easier for them. Offices can be notorious for unhealthy eating, bad posture and stress-related illnesses; things that can all be combatted!

A healthy lifestyle that is maintained both in and out of the office can have a hugely positive impact on your employees. Not only can it reduce the amount of sick days your staff take, it can create an environment with improved morale across the board. So, for a bit of inspiration, Outstanding Branding offer a few ideas to promote a healthy lifestyle in your company.

Getting your office design right

Making sure your office is an inviting space in the first place is an important place to start. If you’re looking to promote health and wellbeing, your office should be the first place to reflect this outlook. The office space should help you to create the right attitude when your staff come into work each day; not dreading the dreary surroundings or dull furniture.

Freshen up your office and make it a little more exciting. Ergonomic furniture is hugely important for encouraging good posture, especially if your staff sit at desks all day. You should also ensure there is plenty of natural light streaming into the office to lift spirits; a good view would also be appreciated!

Other changes you can make to your office is the inclusion of plants. Proven to filter the air and help with the likes of reducing fatigue and even stress, strategically placing plants around the office could make a bigger difference than you think.

Looking after your staff

At the end of the day, it’s your staff that makes the company succeed and so if your staff are doing well, they will work better. Drinking water can often be seen as a huge part of being healthier, so why not consider encouraging your staff to drink more water and visit the vending machine less?

Whether it’s free, branded bottles of water for your staff to drink, or little gadgets to remind them to drink up, it could make a difference. Water can help to steer your staff away from snacking, and staying hydrated can help your mind to work a little better.

As a company, you might want to take it a step further and organise staff sport events. From full sports days to a football tournament or anything in between, it encourages staff to get active while also feeling part of a team; boosting morale further. Get branded kits for your team mates and engage in a bit of friendly competition!

Mental health is a huge part of wellbeing and companies have a responsibility to ensure their staff have access to help and support in the workplace. Offering flexible working hours may help staff to feel more at ease with a work and personal balance, while creating an open culture to discuss mental health can make a difference.

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