How to Use Outsourcing for the Growth of Your Small Business


As an entrepreneur or owner of a small business, your first objective is to keep the company growing and expanding. However, as the business grows, you might find that you need a larger workforce to manage the increasing number and complexity of operations. At the same time, it may not be possible to hire all the expert skills you need and have them working on the company premises. The answer? Outsourcing!

Laura Lee Sparks, owner of Legal Marketing Maven reasons, “Most entrepreneurs have great talents but many times they think they can do it all. That can really stall the growth of the business. By outsourcing the day to day back-office tasks, the business owner has more time to focus on generating income.”

Delegating Tasks to External Sources can Help You Save Time and Money

With some smart thinking and the use of technology, you’ll find that you can hire the services of freelance companies specializing in the processes needed by the company. Whether you choose onshore or offshore agencies, outsourcing can assist you with significant savings, in terms of time and finances. By delegating tasks to individuals and agencies, you can save the time you would have spent on every company operation. In addition, you save on the costs of maintaining office space and equipment that you would have to arrange for when you hire additional employees.

Instead, all you need to do is invest in a refurbished laptop. Spend a few minutes each day assigning tasks and tracking progress and you can have experts helping you manage many of the company activities at a much lower cost. The result – You business grows quickly. Here’s how:

You can Hire Economical Skills from Any Location

Outsourcing allows you to find the best of talent from any location around the country. You will not have to restrict the search for the skills you need to the specific geographic location where you work. All you need to do is sign up with online portals that have an immense database of expert professionals that can provide you with the services you need. Depending on the kind of products you deal in and assistance you need, you can screen and choose freelancers who offer you the services at the most economical rates. Efficient and cheaper services can help your grow the business at a faster rate.

You can Delegate a Wide Range of Operations

Once you get started with outsourcing, you’ll be able to assign a wide range of company activities to external agencies. For instance, business accounting can be a complicated process. However, you can now pick out and download online accounting packages that help you keep track of invoices, payments, and receipts. Hire a remote accountant to check your numbers for errors and discrepancies or even filing tax returns; and you’re sorted. Here’s another example. Customers facing some issue with your products or looking for information are likely to appreciate being able to talk to a real person. Accordingly, you can get a virtual assistant to take calls and answer queries without the need to set up a separate department within the company building. Happy satisfied customers lead to larger volumes of sales and an expanding business.

You can Harness the Potential of Internet Marketing

With the help of the internet and a smart website, you can tap into the potential of global marketing. Hire a professional digital company to create an interactive website with all the essential plugins so customers can find your business and order products from any corner of the globe. You can also hire experts to monitor traffic on the company website, take orders, and track payments so you only need to focus on the production and delivery of products. Use outsourcing strategies to fill your site with content that provides value to readers and have your business rank well with search engines. Higher traffic on your website translates into higher sales and the possibility of expansion.

You can Research the Market for Wider Sales Channels

A smart business owner is one who is in aware of the latest marketing trends and pricing structures in the particular field where her company produces goods. You’ll also need feedback on how customers like your offerings and the factors that need improvement. To get information about new product features and the categories that customers are looking for, you’ll need to conduct surveys and market research. Such activities may need large resources if you choose to conduct them on your own. However, by outsourcing the research to expert actuaries, you can get the results you need at a fraction of the cost. Use the information they provide you with to develop new products and grow your company.

You can Develop an Efficient System for Product Delivery

As your business continues to grow, you can also delegate the actual delivery of products to specializing agencies. They will collect the shipments from your manufacturing location and deliver them seamlessly to your customers. Since these agencies partner with other transport companies, they may be able to take care of this activity for you at prices far lower than what you incur. With the task of delivering goods out of the way, you can now turn your attention solely to the development and manufacturing processes.

Outsourcing is a smart business strategy that can help you take your business to the next level. It helps you save time, funds, and the bandwidth of your capabilities so you can focus on more the important tasks of expanding and growing your company. Scout around for the most competitive rates for acquiring the services you need and you may soon have a rapidly growing company on your hands.

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