How To Dress For Work – A Man’s Guide To Professional Attire


Although the Millennial generation is more lax in most respects than previous generations, young professionals within the group still know how to dress for work. While the tech industry has always been known for its casual attire, stylish guys in more old-school industries still appreciate the value of dressing professionally and how it can impact their success at work.

Nevertheless, not every guy wants to spend $1,000 on a new navy suit or go shopping for hours to find the perfect black dress pants or sports coat. In fact, not every part of your professional attire needs to be part of this year’s fashion collection. However, aside from your wardrobe and sense of style, there’s a very simple change you can make that will allow you the façade of being modern and stylish – your haircut.

Best Men’s Haircuts For Work

It’s amazing what a $10 or $20 haircut and style can do for a guy. Most men stick to the same hairstyle they’ve had for years, never considering the fact that a) it might have never been a good cut and style to begin with; and b) times have changed and their style needs to be updated.

But what man wants to invest hours researching the best new hairstyles of the year? Fortunately, this guide literally spells out the coolest and most professional haircuts to get.


Cutting this hairstyle is easy, and requires only a good pair of clippers and 3 to 5 inches of hair on top of the head. The sides are shaved in either a gradual taper or a simple buzz cut, with the top sectioned off. For men with round faces, styling the hairstyle will require a good quality pomade or mousse in order to add height to the style and create a pomp that stays in place all day.

Faux Hawk

Depending on how extreme you want the hairstyle to look, the sides should be clipped to somewhere between #2 to #5 (clipper guard sizes), or simply trimmed shorter with scissors. Styling the faux hawk requires some gel or pomade in order to create the point in the middle of the head. Comb product through your hair in an upwards motion, and then press it together until it forms the style you want.

Side Part

Getting a side part haircut is easy, and every barber will know what you’re asking for when you mention the style. Requesting a taper fade or undercut style on the sides will help to diminish the width of your face and accentuate facial features for a flattering look that balances nicely with a round face. As one of the top professional business hairstyles for men, the side part has certainly been the go-to style for decades.


To get the quiff, you will need at least 3 inches of hair on top of your head. The sides will then be buzzed in a tapered style – how short is up to you. For an extreme look, a very short clipper setting will create a lot of contrast, while those wanting a gentler fade can easily use settings such as the number five. The most important part of the quiff is the hair on top, which will be used to create the style.

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