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How To Augment The Best Leads Through Email Marketing: Facts That Help

IoT or the internet of things is wholly changing the way people receive and search pieces of information. Fortunately for businesses, this interrelation allows them to hand over contents in different ways: blogging, video, audio, social media and a spectrum of other interactive platforms like email.

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IoT or the internet of things is changing the way people receive and search pieces of information. Fortunately for businesses, this interrelation allows them to hand over content in different ways: blogging, video, audio, social media and a spectrum of other interactive platforms like email.

Email marketing is still very much relevant and is used as the channel of communication with customers. It survived the test of time and remains a strong force to reckon with in lead generation, customer engagement and continued customer loyalty and management. Whether it’s about personalization, mobile, engagement, ROI or automation, email is still alive in the modern age.

According to the statistics of Campaign Monitor, there are valuable reasons why email marketing continues to stay relevant in the digital platforms.

  • About 80% of B2C and B2B companies are still using email marketing as one of their marketing strategies.
  • Emails in mobile devices reach the 55% mark.
  • Marketers experience a groundbreaking rate of 760% additional revenue that comes from campaigns that use segmented email marketing.
  • Email content has six times higher probability for reading compared to tweeted contents.
  • Twitter and Facebook are tracking email in generating new customers.
  • Emails have approximately 30% ROI compared with snail mails with only 7%.
  • There are 6 out of 10 employees who commend the importance of email at work.

Personalized Email Marketing

In B2B niche, no one appreciates template-style or generic emails, that’s for sure. People want to feel a sense of belonging and not just an asset of sales in the company. To stand out among the sea of inbox clutter, you need a more personalized approach to retain and attract customers.

If you wish to get high visibility for your messages, you need to think out of the inbox rather than just pushing your content. Personalizing email means that you know your subscribers well enough to know what they want. So, be ready to provide what people want and give it to them at the right time through the right channel.

Below are ways to maximize your email marketing strategies:

Practice Segmentation in Your Email Marketing

Segmentation means grouping your leads according to their demographic information, browsing activity, and purchase history. This data is useful in customizing your email and making them more relevant to a particular group of contacts.

Applying segmentation into actions lets you track the activity of your leads according to their categories. Through these pieces of information, you can reach different customers with different interests, such as data management, sales leadership, and demand generation, just to name a few.

Another essential concept to help personalized emails is through the location and time information of your customers. If you ever notice how emails arrive in your inbox, it’s usually 9, or 10 am in the morning. Businesses find out that these are the best time to send marketing emails.

On the other hand, a more upright time marker is the email’s extensive histories. With these pieces of information, you can personalize the deliveries of your email to bout the ideal time of your subscribers.

Offers A Well-Tailored Content

You need to check how well-targeted your email content is. First of all, marketers stress that creating compelling and relevant materials is the most challenging yet most effective email marketing tactic.

Now, the question is how to break through this sticky situation? The first thing to do is to master the art of questioning. Asking the right questions can give you useful insights into the priorities of your customers.

Next, you can direct your customers to a landing page on your website through your personalized email. This customized email should have the same look, structure and call-to-action responses as your email.

The goal of this concept is to identify your customer segment, develop several landing pages for a particular section and write custom emails for each part. Through the help of this strategy, your leads will recognize that you are supplying them personalized and integrated email experience. It will encourage the leads to convert into customers.

Automates Your Email Marketing

Businesses and marketers right now are under the massive pressure to produce, develop and manage leads. This situation requires tools to automate the tasks within email marketing.

These tools are not just to make things easier for you; they also help you to scale things up in the personalized email department.

Just in case you don’t know, Facebook is using automatic behavioural triggers for emails to boost engagement. It is a strategy that involves sending emails to the inactive accounts for some time and encourage them to engage.

Facebook can quickly encourage these accounts to log in again by merely telling them what they are missing out.

For your email marketing strategy, you can use trigger emails for different purposes like up-selling or cross-selling pitches, sending updates about your subscriber’s account and even welcome greetings.

The Nature of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an essential and challenging part of modern day business. You can sift through a big data to deliver useful marketing content and get to know your customers better.

Suffice to say; automation is a marketing technology in action. It allows you to trail the digital footprints of the leads. It helps you convert these interactions into insights regarding the sales journey of the customer. Furthermore, automated marketing helps you create better contents to create drive prospects for purchasing decisions.

Although automated marketing also faces some challenges. The bottom line is that automated marketing allows you to scale processes without omitting the ability to personalize and segment.

Best Emails for Nurturing Leads

Emails are indispensable to marketers because it’s still one of the most advantageous ways to communicate with potential clients despite the presence of new modes of messaging.

It’s just inevitable that marketing emails are deemed unwelcome to some people due to plenty of cutters sent to emails. And, it can be a pain to filter through numerous emails to find something exciting and relevant.

You can improve your email marketing campaigns by checking the ones that are in tune well with the customers.

Establish Connections

The objective of every email marketing campaign is to open and create meaningful conversations between the audience and brands. The closer you get to your customer, the more engagement you can expect from them.

Make sure that you provide options to the customers to use other means of communicating with brands. It could be through connecting on social media, newsletters and product development updates. Whatever the case, allow the prospect to choose channels that will suit them best.

Offers Something Relevant

The act of sending products to the prospects may be a good idea. But you have to make sure that they get more than what they need. If someone signs up on your website, it means that they want to explore your contents. So give them what they want.

As an alternative to sending free trial offers, you can check first the type of topics or pages that interest them. After gathering pieces of information, you can send them additional contents that might interest them.

As customers absorb your content offers, you can upgrade the trust that you establish to give a product or brand-centric contents that will drive them towards purchase.

Recreates The Opportunities

You can’t always expect things to be smooth-sailing with your email marketing efforts. You will meet unresponsive subscribers or users that don’t click through.

To alter this situation, you can send a request to your subscribers to supply feedback concerning emails that you submit regarding the content type, frequency, quality and anything related to their experience with your services or brands.

Whether you receive feedback or not, you’ll still be able to utilize these insights to address any areas of concern.

Build a Personal Appeal

Personal appeal is the prevailing theme in email marketing because knowing the preferences of the customers will create a special connection between the audience and the brand.

Personal touches are useful if you want to break through the barriers of the sales cycle. Customers will appreciate and the effort you are exerting. Create ways to incorporate some personal touch in your email marketing efforts.

These efforts include saying thanks, checking in, commemorating special events and thinking in advance so that customers don’t have to experience distractions.


The reasons above tell us that email marketing is still relevant in the marketing game. People still use emails as the primary communication channel, and you can see it’s development growing by leaps and bounds.

As you know, people still check their emails everywhere, so don’t be afraid to spice up your marketing efforts. Nurturing your leads through email marketing is the best game plan to boost your ROI and have rosy lead turnouts.

We wish to thank Wade Cockfield for contributing this article. Wade is an experienced digital marketing practitioner in SEO in Sydney, Australia.