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Expert Tips on Finding the Right People for Key Positions

Team members or employees are a business’s biggest assets. They are the key ingredients of your business’s operations and they are as valuable as they can be in today’s competitive market. The success of your business depends highly on how well the key personnel can work together.


What are the most significant assets of a business? You guessed it – staff. Employees and freelancers are the engine room and the driving force of the company.

Technology is making inroads into areas of the business with automation that traditionally were reliant on people. Some of these departments include accounting and finance, marketing, and customer support. Therefore the future of work will see fewer roles for humans that now use systems and software that include AI, bots and machine learning.

The future of work for people is evolving. Businesses will still humans for higher-level roles; therefore, as most companies need people to make things happen, the success of the company will still largely depend on how well personnel can work together.

Until artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies get more competent, most companies’ challenges are finding the right people to fill critical positions. That is why we talked to human resources experts and compiled a list of tips to help you find the right people for the jobs.

Don’t Forget Employee Growth

Many businesses and business owners make the mistake of focusing on recruitment and do little to grow their employees and plan for succession and growth. Most companies already have the best people; however, they may not have been kept up to date on critical practices or trained to fill essential positions.

The tip here is to hire the right staff then train them to have a career within your business. The longer staff are part of the company, the more knowledge they acquire. Plus, they are an integral part of the corporate culture.

There are plenty of ways to help employees grow alongside the company. For example, several healthcare service providers turn to universities and their online courses to help nurses and healthcare practitioners improve their knowledge and skills.

The online master of healthcare administration in strategy and innovation program, for example, can be taken while maintaining a full-time job as a nurse. This way, nurses with good performance can earn an online MHA degree and acquire managerial positions skills.

Online courses are easily accessible, and it’s big business for education providers like reputable universities. Not only can online courses be taken by locals, but offshore residents can also take them too, so the market for online courses is unlimited.

Focus on Specific Skills

You can’t always find a candidate with all the skills you need for the role.

Is the role too extensive? Are you expecting too many skills? Why not split the role into two and focus on finding candidates with specific skills to meet the requirements of each job. Not only will you find a larger pool of applicants, but you will also have talent within your employees to handle more specific tasks.

This approach is in line with the way universities design their latest courses. As market demands become more specific, today’s students focus on mastering specific skills that can genuinely benefit their future employers.

Play Rough

One last tactic to consider is hijacking employees from within the industry. Your competitors may have the best people filling key positions. The only thing needed to bring this fantastic talent into your business is the right offer.

Online resources such as LinkedIn and the various job sites available make it easy for you to get the message across. You can target specific people based on their experience and background. You can even contact them directly or use the services of headhunters to acquire the best talent in the industry.

After all, it is a very competitive market. Being able to gain better talent than your competitors is a superb competitive advantage you wouldn’t want to miss.

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