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Does Your Company Need A Small Business Loan?

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If you recently opened or will be opening your own business in the future, knowing how to apply for a small business loan at banks or online could be the difference between business growth and mediocrity. I don’t want to give the wrong idea, someone always needs to set the standard we know as average. How else would the rest of us be able to go above and beyond?

When I first opened my pizza parlour at the beach, I knew we were going to have plenty of business. The beach was packed with locals and tourists from all over, every day. We were the only place to buy freshly made pizza within ten blocks of the water.

Growing costs money

Location is everything and part of the deal that provided us with our building required that it be paid off within a limited amount of time.

We were doing all that we could, but I knew more was going to have to be done. I began spending time every day talking with our customers about how we could improve both our food and service. I was shocked after hearing time after time that we needed to get the menu to the people where they were.

Yes, we were less than 100 feet from the sand, but the beach was over five miles long. If we could find a way to get the pies to the people without them making the trip to our establishment, the skies were the limit with the amount of business we could bring in.

Looking for options

There was just one problem. I didn’t have the funds to add this new service. Every penny I was making needed to go towards paying off our building. After talking to a couple of small business owners in other industries, I saw that receiving a small business loan was my best option.

However, the banks that offered the lowest rates and best deals were located in other parts of our state. I had to research and study how to make a decision on a lender I could apply with online. In just a few short hours, I had an endless selection of banks who were willing to give a small business loan without an account at a local branch.

Although I would have instead been making pizzas, I spent the rest of the afternoon going over and providing the information that was needed by the bank. I still can’t believe how simple the entire process was. I would have never thought that borrowing money for a small business could be so easy.

Pizza in the sand

Two and a half years have gone by since applying for my first small business loan online. The results have proved to be far better than I could have ever planned for. While visiting our beautiful beach, you could pass any one of the twelve bicycle pizza ovens we have cruising in the sand.

We have also opened a much smaller location at the opposite end of the beach, making sure our bikes are just minutes away from restocking the freshest pizza available while wearing a bikini.

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