3 Ways to Enhance Your Medical Practice With Telemedicine


Because of the nature of the human body, there will always be a need for doctors and other physicians. Luckily, telemedicine has made doctor appointments easier and more convenient than ever. But within this fledgling area of healthcare, there are still many areas that can be improved up and better taken advantage of by providers that could improve their business immensely. To show you how, here are three ways physicians and other healthcare providers can enhance their medical practice through the use of telemedicine.

Take Advantage Of Mobile Apps

If you’re a doctor who’s performing your telemedicine appointments simply through a video chat service and no other software, you’re not taking full advantage of the way technology can make your practice run as smoothly as possible. According to Becky Lawlor, a contributor to Mobile Business Insights, there are mobile health apps available that can link directly from doctor to patient in order to monitor a patient’s vitals in real-time. This virtual monitoring can be a great way for patients who have chronic problems with issues like blood pressure or glucose levels to get their readings to their doctor without having to make an appointment and come into the office, saving time and money for traditional doctors and patients.

Promote “After-Hours Appointments”

JT Ripton and Peter Scott, contributors to PhysiciansPractice.com, share that in a traditional doctor’s office, calls taken and patients cared for after-hours are often hard for practices to monetize because they aren’t taken care of like typical appointments. But through the use of telemedicine, after-hours appointments or calls can easily be monetized just like other appointments because they can be kept track of and billed just like any other telemedicine appointment. Not only will this make it easier for your patients to feel comfortable contacting you outside of normal businesses hours, but it could make doctors feel more willing to be available during these times if they know they’ll be compensated accordingly. 

Become A Resource For Other Medical Professionals

Not only can the software of telemedicine be used to treat and diagnose patients, but according to Melinda Beck of the Wall Street Journal, it can also be used as a resource for physicians to communicate and collaborate together. This is great news for doctors who may feel overwhelmed with a complicated case or for physicians who want to be of assistance to other providers that may need a second opinion. This conduit for remote medical support to medical staff could be the difference between correct and appropriate diagnoses and having to tell a patient that they have an unknown problem.

If you’re a medical professional who’s considered trying telemedicine, ponder on the points mentioned above when making your decision to implement this service.

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