Is PDF really worth the hassle? Here are the pros and cons of this popular format


Usually, people are never on the fence about PDF. Either they love it or they absolutely hate it. Both sides have their reasons for choosing so, and they’re pretty much sticking to their guns and ignoring all the pros and cons respectively that could make them change their minds or at least see things in a different perspective. In other words, there are quite a few factors that come into play as far as the matter of how good of a format PDF is, is concerned.  If you are interested to learn more about the potential benefits you’re looking at if you use PDF and the cons that come with using the format as well, continue reading this article.

The pros of PDF

  • Asking around about what’s best about PDF will quickly get you involved in a passionate discussion about the popularity of the format itself. What that translates to in other words is the fact that its compatibility with all platforms is what makes it popular. Just because software is great doesn’t mean it’s also viable especially if it’s only available to one platform. But PDF comes equipped with compatibility for all major platforms and even some smaller ones as well.
  • If you’re scared about not having enough space on your computer’s hard drive for your work files then maybe PDF is the answer you were looking for. PDF allows you to store massive quantities of files at the expense of little space since each individual file is very small in size.
  • Another thing that stands out when it comes to PDF is the fact that it makes of digital signature technology. What this means is that people can encrypt files with a digital signature which is required in order to be able to modify the document. This sort of security measure keeps the document safe which can be the main concern if its contents are highly sensitive.

The cons of PDF

  • Just like any other thing ever, what has pros must also have cons and PDF is no exception with its premium item prices. Indeed, there are some free PDF services available but by the price tags on some software it might just be better to rotate pdf online instead of getting offline software.
  • Despite how easy it actually is to get around a PDF file, you might just be better off using another format if you’re in a terrible rush and you don’t have the necessary software installed. While it’s easy to edit PDFs they require you to have specialized software tools to do so.
  • The fact that PDF files recognize and edit both text and graphics can be a great advantage in some situations but it can also be counterproductive in others as it does make the text harder to edit as times.

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