Coaxing Creativity – 5 Things That Inhibit the Flow of Creativity (and How to Fix Them)

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Even the fastest, most reliable workers have pet peeves which drive them to distraction. Or, they struggle with little temptations like constantly checking their mobile messages or hanging around on Facebook. We’ve all got things which challenge our focus, but the goal should be to minimise and control them.

Otherwise, they start to eat into general productivity and you end up working harder and longer when you should be working smarter. The problem is that the number of things which can inhibit creativity and efficiency is bigger than you might think. So, focus on creating an all-around work environment, a place where you feel comfortable, motivated, and inspired.

This guide to identifying and solving common productivity killers will help you supercharge your workspace.

Unhealthy Posture

One of the most overlooked causes of workplace distraction is poor posture.

If your body isn’t fully supported and comfortable, you simply won’t be able to focus for long periods. The solution is high quality, ergonomic furniture.

Not only does it look chic, it is adjustable so that any user can put themselves in the right position for ultimate productivity. You need a sturdy chair which allows you to put your feet flat on the floor. You should have a dual monitor stand for your office if you work with multiple screens.

Background Traffic

If you’re the type of person who needs to be fully immersed to reach peak performance, a pair of noise cancelling headphones are a great idea. Background traffic and chatter are a major distraction, so being able to tune it out allows you to narrow your focus.

It is also helpful for those who work around chatty colleagues.

It can be hard sometimes to avoid conversation without sounding impolite, but most people won’t disturb a person wearing headphones. Just make sure that the music you listen to doesn’t become its own distraction.

Minimalistic Setups

For many years, office workers have been bombarded with advice about how minimalistic environments promote a clean, focused mind. While this is true for some people, most need an array of familiar, reliable items to help them feel at home.

Many choose plants because they add colour and vitality to a desk.

Others place pictures of their family to raise a smile when the workload is tough. You might choose practical items like a themed desk tidy, a retro clock, or an executive stress toy. Sometimes, less isn’t better.

Too Much Clutter

On the flip side, you don’t want to cover your desk with pointless bits and pieces either.

Too much clutter can make it difficult to complete tasks because you end up spending more time digging through piles of documents and stray stationary than you do getting things done.

To minimise clutter, particularly paper, respond to it immediately.

Resist the temptation to add to a towering ‘maybe later’ pile by making a decision right away. Does it go in the bin, in the filing cabinet, in the scanner, or in the mail outbox?

Skipping Lunch

This is a very common habit of those who think that they’re being super productive. These people equate missed lunch breaks with power sessions and going the extra mile. While their dedication is clear, the reality is that poor nutrition leads to a lack of focus.

It’s also an indication that you’re not managing your time properly.

If you find yourself skipping lunch to meet targets, on a regular basis, it’s time to take a look at your habits. Cut out as many of the major productivity killers as possible and always make time for good nutrition.

Why Perfect Productivity Is In Your Hands

If you want to work at peak performance, it’s important to give yourself the right tools. Whether this means a super-efficient monitor stand, a chair with lumbar support, or a wireless charging pad for all your devices; they should have a clear purpose. Invest in quality and fill your workspace with items which streamline and enhance your routines, rather than derailing them.

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