3 Reasons Customer Service Needs To Be Delivered Across All Channels

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Are there bumps in your customer service strategy? Have you been receiving poor customer feedback?  If you aren’t delivering excellent customer service across all channels you could be missing the opportunity to immensely improve your service and subsequently, your buyers’ satisfaction.

The best customer service revolves around choice. Consumers need options when it comes to interacting with your brand – and if you aren’t providing it, someone else is.

Here are the top 3 reasons why customer service needs to be delivered across all channels.

Time Saved Through Consolidation

Are you utilizing multiple applications or systems to handle customer service? You can implement a customer service tool that marries all of these into one to simplify the process. There are several benefits that occur when you consolidate your customer service across all channels.  First, it gives your team the ability to capture exactly what each customer has viewed and clicked on.  This helps your customer service team anticipate questions and even build automated responses to resolve each issue.

A unified application will also allow the customer service representative to fully complete the service requests.  For example, a cable customer who is unhappy about his or her current rates may get online to see if there are better packages available and decide to engage in an online chat.  The customer service representative can immediately see the places this person has viewed and the system flags package pricing and displays the best deal that can be offered to this person.  The representative is immediately able to offer a better rate.  The customer agrees to it and the account is automatically updated.  This is a win-win because it saves time for your team and the customer.

Generational Preferences

There’s a good chance that your grandmother loves to chat on the telephone while your 15-year-old daughter may only communicate via text.  The way many people prefer to communicate is generational.  This is one very important reason why customer service needs to be delivered across all channels. Your customer- no matter what age – will have an exceptional customer experience if he or she can get the answers needed, in a way that is wanted.

You can accommodate these differences by offering quick FAQs for those who want instant answers.  A live chat is also an extremely popular option for your customers who are busy and may be doing multiple things at once.  Of course, many customers appreciate speaking directly to another human over the telephone.  If you offer a contact form or email address for assistance, respond within a few hours if possible. Quick customer service in a way that is comfortable for the customer is key.

Reduced Costs

Time is money, which is exactly why offering customer service across all channels is vital.  By offering customer service across multiple channels, you give your team the ability to engage with multiple customers at the same time. It also streamlines the process to save time and money, from training your representatives, to figuring out the number of representatives needed to manage incoming calls, to reducing the average time it takes to resolve customer issues.

Strong customer service is the backbone of your company, making it vital to deliver a good customer service experience across all channels.  Offer multi-channel support to give your business the ability to reach all generations and save you time and money.  Remember that customer service is not a one-size-fits-all solution and customers who are comfortable with the approach will have more satisfaction with your company.

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