Top Tips On How To Effectively Grow A Freight Business

cars trucksRegardless of whether the relationship is a professional or personal one, beginning a relationship will always have challenges.  When it comes to relationships with freight brokers, contacting new brokers and building new relationships can be quite daunting.  You may wonder what to say to the new prospect.  How often should you contact the broker?  How do you know if the choices being made are the best for progress, or are you merely setting yourself up to fail?

As time continues, a freight broker will learn what works and what does not.  However, this can take time, and many relationships can be lost while you take your time to learn about the process.  This article will provide some information on how to save time and effort in learning about relationships; thereby, propelling you towards building stronger connections with freight brokers.  As for the seasoned broker, these tips can be a refresher to improve your game and overall success.

Make Three New Contacts Each Day And Call Them

The first tip Rob Sinclair, a seasoned individual in the business would offer, to freight broker relationship success is to gain three new professional contacts per day and call them.  By doing so, you will replace any business contacts you may lose or that never began in the first place, such as that dreaded one shipment only client.

The unfortunate fact is that you will lose business for some reason at some point in your business career.  It is common for clients to not have any loads for six months or a year, but once the client has work, they will re-contact you.  Others may fall for some reason; therefore, it is essential that you are persistently seeking out new contacts.

Do Your Research Before Making A Call

Cold calling potential clients without completing any research is an indication that you did not consider the call important and merely called on a whim.  The key in this situation is to remember it is not about you, but rather about the potential client; therefore, you should always make the call seem to be about them and not you.

One method of changing a ‘cold call’ into a ‘warm call’ is by using sales intelligence.  Sales intelligence refers to the practices and technology used in the collection of data to help sales people remain updated on clients and broker prospects.  Google and other popular search engines are ideal means of gaining information regarding the company because they have different relevant resources about the company, such as articles featuring the executives or company locations.

Finding Information On The Company’s Prospect

To gain a broker’s business, it is recommended that you start by contacting the company’s sales department.  Sales people are great to speak to when you are looking to gain information about a business and their objectives.  It is always possible to gain information from sales people, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.  Ask detailed questions about their roles, what type of lanes are being shipped, or which states are using their services.

Building The Relationship

It is important that you establish a level of rapport with the contact and build a connection.  It is common knowledge that people are more comfortable buying from or conducting business with friends than from unknown sales people.  This task can be complicated and difficult at first when making cold calls, but establishing rapport can turn the cold call into a warm call.

One method whereby a freight broker can establish a sense of rapport is to begin a conversation based on the lane being run or the weight of the cargo being moved.  This information is useful to help gain an initial connection with the prospect.  As time passes, you will learn how to complete this task naturally and will be able to complete the establishing of rapport easily.

Expect Some Resistance From The Brokers

Be prepared for excuses from the prospects on how “business is slow” or they “don’t have loads to be moved”.  This is a common situation, but you must not give up on the task!  It is important to persist in your act to gain relationships; however, you must not forget about following up of current prospects.

Take Action And Always Follow Through

It is important that you take action when gaining prospects because this is how you will build proficiency.  By taking action, the process will become simpler, and you will become better at connecting with brokers.  However, to take action, you will need to put in time and effort.

Remain Focused

One of the most crucial tips is to remain focused on the task at hand.  Be focused on the people, the procedure, and the product.

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