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The Power Of Love (For Your Existing Customers)


In a world seemingly dominated by fake news, factoids and misunderstood myths, it can be hard to differentiate what is obvious from what is smart. This is especially true when it comes to strategies for business growth. Too many entrepreneurs and business leaders believe that the best way to boost sales is to chase down new leads and stay on the prowl for new business; but while this is bound to be successful in the end, it is certainly not the smartest or most effective way to see your revenue increase as a direct result

Yes, it is important to keep expanding as a business and imperative that you bring on new business, but don’t get caught up in this. Don’t become obsessed with it. The reason being, your existing customer/client base is your number one asset.

These are people that have bought from you already, who keep buying from you, who you have built a relationship with, who know the way your business operates and what service you deliver. As such, doesn’t it just makes sense that you better take advantage of these section of the market? Simple huh.

Okay, that’s not necessarily true. Sure, it is the effective, efficient and smart move, but when has anything that is effective, efficient or smart ever been simple. It is all about engaging – and re-engaging – with your current customers, it is about keeping relationships alive and kicking, it is about not letting them disengage from you over time, and that takes some skill.

As such, we have come up with a few little strategies that may be able to help you make better use of your existing customers and use them as the bedrock from which to grow.

Don’t Be Woolly When You Call

You are calling your customers because you are a salesman, which means you have something to sell them. You know that and they know that, so don’t beat around the bush anymore than you have to. You’re busy, they’re busy, everybody is busy, so the worst thing you can possibly do is waste their time by being overly nice and unnecessarily woolly. Basically, you need to call with a purpose. You need to bring some value to the call and to them, so get straight into telling them about a new product that you have, or a newly packaged service. Having a purpose from the outset will go a long, long way with your customers, and they will appreciate you taking the time to call them, to re-engage and re-engage with a reason that would benefit them as much as you.

Reconnect With A Referral

All too often salespeople fail to reach out to those that they did business with years and years ago because, well, they did business with them years and years ago. But if they were satisfied with the quality of work you did, or the product/service that you provided, then it is well worth getting in touch and asking for a referral. This can have so many wonderful benefits all of which will have a positive impact on your bottom-line. First off, it has the nostalgia effect. By reconnecting with a client that you have spoken to in a while and asking for a referral or a testimonial, you will encourage that client to think about the relationship you had. It will also prompt them to ask questions about what you are offering these days and that could see you leave the call with a bunch of new leads to make contact with, and you’ll be calling with an internal referral in hand. It’s a three birds with one stone situation, a salesperson’s dream.

Send Them Something Tangible

In a world that is obsessed with everything online – social media to email – it is well worth sending your customers a little something now and then to remind them of you, your bond, your relationship; all of the above. By all means, use social media, but be clever with it; use it to find out when their birthday is and send them a card. That will show you care on a personal level. Alternatively, you could send them a little note, a cutout of an article that may be useful to them. Just take the article, slip in an envelope along with a little note that says, “saw this and thought of you,” and maybe even a luggage badge or a lanyard, anything that will help promote your business and relationship, all of which you can get when you click here. Both of these are incredibly simple things to do and yet immensely personal, things that will set you apart from the competition without costing you anything.

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