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The Advantages of a Mobile Order to Cash Process

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The order to cash (OTC) process is both complex and consequential. As a result, the steps required to give it the speed, scale, accuracy, and accountability it requires are long and winding. One feature of OTC that often gets overlooked, however, is how mobile it is.

There is a wide range of order to cash software on the market that promises to improve all or some of the process. But the most valuable software is one that travels with your sales staff wherever they go and provides the full range of tools and features whenever they’re necessary.

This may sound like a minor capability, but in practice it enhances the overall value and utility of your OTC process significantly. To help you understand this to the fullest extent, consider all the advantages of a mobile order to cash process:

Advantages for Your Sales Staff

If your order to cash process is not mobile, your sales staff is at a significant disadvantage. When they travel to meet clients, they have to try and make the best presentation possible without the aid of their most important tool. Providing clients with the detailed and accurate information they need to be persuaded may be prohibitive or impossible. And presenting the most positive image of your company is a lot harder when your sales staff appears disengaged with today’s connected economy. A mobile order to cash process allows your sales staff, or anyone for that matter, to begin solidifying a client relationship right from that client’s office. There is no need to get back to the office to set the gears in motion.

Advantages for Your Clients

Time is money, and the last thing your clients want is to have to wait on you. For the same reasons that a mobile order to cash process is an asset to your sales staff, it is an asset to your clients. And that has to do with a lot more than just speed. A mobile order to cash process means that the information and insights your clients are expecting are available on demand. They can get a detailed look at your offerings and operations without having to travel, wait for an email, or schedule a more formal presentation. Simply stated, they can run their due diligence with as little effort or input as necessary. Over the long run, a mobile order to cash process will directly boost the bottom line.

Advantages for Your Enterprise

Mobility is not only about taking the capabilities of your office out to sales opportunities. It is also about transmitting the results of those sales opportunities back to your office as quickly and accurately as possible. In today’s and tomorrow’s economy it’s absolutely imperative to operate according to real-time data and the most up-to-date insights impossible. But depending on how your order to cash process is currently handled, the data you’re referencing in the home office could lag behind by hours of even days. When that process is mobile, however, time and distance do not create any unnecessary obstacles. Your enterprise is in a position to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

If you are searching for a new order to cash software, mobility must be a priority. And if you are operating with a software that is not mobile, it’s time to ask why. The advantages listed above are quickly becoming requirements for any business that expects to remain competitive. The longer you wait to embrace the capabilities of the present, the more you will scramble to catch up with the imperatives of the future.

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