Starting a Dermatology Clinic? Here Are Some Tips

dermatologyMedical startups are in a great place right now, so those who are thinking about starting their own clinic should get to work. This is a guide for those who are looking to start a dermatology clinic – however, the advice here can be applied to different kinds of medical facility startups if you have another branch in mind!

If you’re eager to help patients with skin problems and want to be your own boss while you do it, this is the quick guide for you.

Check the demand in your area

So how many dermatology practices are there in the area in which you’re planning to do business? If there are none, then you’ve obviously got a gap in the market that you can exploit! (Although, if there are none, you also have to wonder where everyone is actually getting their professional skin care concerns attended to.) If there are other practices in the area, then there may still be gaps you can exploit. What exactly is missing from what the other practices offer?

Decide on the services you’ll offer

This is where you should start setting yourself apart from the competition. Some people only imagine dermatology clinics to be places where, well, dermatologists check your skin and prescribe various medicines and treatments. But a lot of practices these days are offering more services. They may have an on-site store where more commercial skin care products are sold. There are some clinics out there that even have a spa!

Think carefully about marketing

When coming up with a business plan for a medical clinic, a lot of people forget to think about marketing. Your dermatology business is going to need marketing, even if there isn’t any competition in the area. (How else are people going to find out about it, unless they happen to walk past it one day?) The best thing you can do is hire experts in dermatology marketing to help you out. Trying to do this yourself simply isn’t going to get you very far.


Of course, your clinic is going to need a couple of dermatologists on-board! A lot of the people who want to start theses sort of businesses are going to have some expertise themselves, and perhaps plan on being an on-site doctor. But this isn’t always the case; some of these budding entrepreneurs are just people who care a lot about good skin care, or simply spotted a hole in the market where there was demand. You need to think carefully about how you’re going to go about hiring the best dermatologists for your facility.

Getting capital

The reason it’s so important to have a good business plan – with experts in marketing and a hiring plan in mind – is that it will help you get your hands on the funding you need to start a medical business. There aren’t specific government grants across the country like there are in other countries; you’ll have to seek capital for your dermatology clinic with venture funding, like most other businesses. Thankfully, startups in medicine are booming – in 2016, more than $6.5 billion was invested in healthcare startups!

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