Should You Start A Mobile Street Food Business

foodIf you’ve got a passion for food, then it might be worth looking into the blossoming mobile street food business. This cooking business is huge right now, bringing tasty, unique foods to people right in the street! What’s not to love? And it gets even better: just about anyone with a passion for cooking and a determined attitude can get theirs set up and profitable. Below, we outline some of the need to know details that’ll help you decide whether it’s a feasible option for you.

What’s Good About It?

There’s plenty to love about having a mobile food business. For one, you get to decide your own menu and share your delicious creations with the world! If you’re passionate about vegan food, you can create a menu of a handful of tasty vegan meals and you’ll have a business underway. You’ll be your own boss and be able to put your own stamp on food in your city. Great! Also, with summer just around the corner it’s a pretty great time to look into setting one up. The people will soon be walking the streets in droves and you’ll be there to give them an energy boost along the way.

The Start Up Costs

The reason street food is so popular is because the start up costs are so low! This means owners don’t have to splash the cash just to get on the street and the food doesn’t have to be expensive either, which means it appeals to plenty of people. However, the low initial start up costs doesn’t mean everything will be profit – because you’ll be such a small enterprise, it can be difficult to make big money unless you expand into a permanent outfit. But that’s all for later – start for fun!

The Essentials

‘The essentials’ begins with the cooking materials; the kitchen, food, and cleaning equipment, as well as necessities like commercial vacuum sealer bags and a refrigerator to keep your overnight stock fresh for the next day of trading. With the mention of ‘overnight stock’ you’ve probably realised that you’ll be doing more than just cooking – you’ll also be taking care of marketing, accounting, being compliant with local laws and the like. Your bread and butter (hey) will be the food, but to make it a success you’ll have to diversify your skillset and become a fully fledged small business owner. That’s not to say that that won’t also be fun, but you’ll need to always keep it in mind if you’re to be competitive.

Looking Forward

After you’ve found your street food trading location and are up and running, you’ll want to keep one eye on the future. Street food comes and go in cycles; they’re everywhere during summer, limited during winter. So when the cold weather sets in it’s good to have another plan. If your food is really popular, try to find private events to cater for, as this will significantly boost your profit margins. In any case, you’ll want to always look at tweaking and improving your menu. It is, after all, a really competitive industry!

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