Is Your Workplace Making Employees Unhappy?

cityWe’ve all heard about the notions of zen, feng shui and the newest one to hit the headlines hygee, but can your surroundings really affect your mood and if so what can you do in the workplace about it? On top of this, can it affect how much respect for your business employees have and how efficient they are whilst at work? These are the key factors to consider:


It’s easy to see how the location of your office can have an impact on the mood of your employees. If you’re out in the sticks with a 15-minute drive to the nearest shop or pub it’s hardly going to be ideal and could easily impact on their everyday happiness. Depending on the type of industry that you work in, the location of your workplace can be hard to change, but it’s worth considering if you think location could be an issue, with moving to a new location an opportunity to attract new talent and revamp your business.

The Views

On top of the location, another happiness determining factor is the views that employees have from their desk. Arguably the countryside with its rolling hills and natural scenery is going to be more mood boosting than grubby buildings and noisy traffic in a city centre, but each different office environment has their own perks. A good way to improve mood no matter where your office is based is by ensuring there’s a large amount of natural light getting in which is proven to boost both mood and productivity levels.


One way you can balance the two is by having an office that’s packed with all the essential amenities, so the location doesn’t matter as much. If your office has a kitchen area with lots of facilities, it doesn’t matter how far away it is from shops as staff can get what they need in the office. Games areas and chill out zones are also proven to be bit hits with happy employees, with most new offices of big companies incorporating these in the design process.

With all this to bear in mind, using a company with serviced offices like Be Offices could be really beneficial to your company.  You can hire different office spaces for certain lengths of time and test out whether moving the location of your business and switching up the environment could make a difference.

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