Is Your Business Spending Too Much On Printing Costs?

printerWhile it seems a widely held belief that printing is dying out, that couldn’t really be further from the truth in business. We’re still using our printers for a wide variety of tasks, and the amount we’re forced to spend on ink can reach absurd levels. It’s our job to monitor our printing use and ensure it doesn’t get out of hand. Luckily, there are loads of great ways to do this, and hardly any of them result in a major change.

Don’t Set Color Printing To Default

We’ve all seen it in business. The manager informs the staff that color printing isn’t allowed, but inevitably, this rule gets forgotten. Or, it might not be a case of ignorance, but a lack of training in how to switch color printing off. So, it’s your job to set the default to non-color printing, ensuring that mistakes are less likely to be made. As a result, you’ll save a bunch of money!

Avoid Costly Repairs With Simple Preventative Techniques

If there’s something worse than the ink costs involved in printing, it’s the repair costs. Unfortunately, printers malfunction all too often when we’re using them on a very regular basis, resulting in downtime. Luckily, there are a few ways to better prevent this. Printing a standard page to prevent dried ink or buying official ink cartridges are just two examples.

Don’t Print What You Don’t Need

It sounds obvious, right? Of course, you shouldn’t print what you don’t need, but we all do it anyway. Take envelopes, for example. Instead of printing labels for the address, a pre-printed 9 x 12 envelope could take away the requirement. Additionally, something like a safety guide for the company could be sent digitally to a new employee, rather than printed. Start thinking about what you’re printing, and you’ll find great ways to save.

Put It In Standby

Here’s a really simple one. You probably shut your printer down on a regular basis, assuming that it’s best for the printer in the long run. While you should shut it down to save on electricity costs now and again, keep it on standby when you’re just not using it. The added stress of shutting the thing down often results in more ink being wasted for no reason. Keep it on standby during the day, and you should save at least a little.

Print Double-Sided

Again, printing double-sided is one of those things that non-computer savvy employees won’t know how to do. It’s your job to set it as default if you want your employees to follow the rule, saving on paper costs. You can find some great guides to printer settings online if you need them, and they should help to save a lot of money going forward.

See how easy it is to save money on printing costs? With just a few changes, your business finances can receive a huge boost, and you won’t lose anything in the process! It’s time to get smart with your printing.

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