Here’s Where You’re Going Wrong with Digital Marketing

followDigital marketing isn’t a piece of cake. It’s understandable for some smaller businesses to make mistakes with their digital marketing. But it’s important that you actually identify and fix those problems as soon as possible! The earlier you implement stronger digital marketing practices, the better. So if your marketing hasn’t been showing great results as of late, then you should consider these possibilities.

You care too much about shares and likes

Hey, don’t get me wrong: shares and likes are awesome. But they don’t always mean that people are truly engaging with your content. Here’s a story for you: back in 2014, NPR posted something on Facebook – a link to an article they’d written called ‘Why Doesn’t America Read Anymore?’. The Facebook post attracted tens of thousands of likes and thousands of comments, many of them angry about NPR’s supposed slight against American literacy and ability to pay attention. So what was wrong with this? Well, check out the NPR article and you’ll see why this is a great example of all those likes, shares, and comments not actually meaning that people actually clicked on your content.

You developed your website yourself

Some of us are excellent at web development and design. Some of us are still in the learning stages. And others simply don’t know a darn thing about it. I’m not just going to say that only those in the latter category should be seeking assistance with web development: potentially, someone from any of those categories will do a much worse job at it than people who do it professionally. The problem is that a lot of people don’t understand that the way you develop your website has a massive influence on the efficacy of your marketing. It’s not all external! You can search for a freelance web developer, or go to an agency with digital marketing focus, such as The Edge Ideas.

You’re not keeping track of things

You may assume that all that money you’re pouring into digital marketing is worth it. After all, you’ve had a bunch of hits recently. But how can you be entirely sure that those hits were the result of your marketing campaign? A lot of businesses are making the mistake of not keeping track of things using comprehensive analytics. Forbes has a bunch of suggestions for those looking for analytics solutions.

You’re just using social media to broadcast

When people talk about the advantages of social media, they usually talk about how great it is that we can be so connected with so many people. The problem, of course, is that a lot of people don’t truly engage with others over Facebook and Twitter. They use it primarily to broadcast things about themselves, with little to no interaction with others afterwards. This is common on personal social media accounts, but it’s also worryingly frequent with business accounts. You can’t afford to make this mistake; social media should be used for engagement and dialogue with your customers and fans. Otherwise, people will lose interest completely in the announcements you’re making.

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