Disruptive Developers: A Second Opinion for New Businesses’ Tech?

codeWhen a new website, app or game is in the making, even the slightest glitch can undermine hours of hard work. One error could render an entire product useless, causing frustration for both the user and business behind said product. For building and testing, having a second set of eyes to look at it is always worth doing, but how is it done?

This process is known in tech circles as “disruptive development”. Put simply, it is where another developer (or group of developers) are given the chance to make changes to an app/site being built, Their brand of “disruption” is something many big brands are using, including major banks such as Natwest. They hired a team to amend apps to make them, among other things, more accessible.

Change for the better

In having a second set of developers to hand, one team or individual can complement one another. Even if a website or app is nearly finished, drastic changes could work out for the better. The growing appetite for devops (development and IT operations) services within businesses of all sizes and industries reflects the proliferation of new, interesting apps.

Disruptive developers can help to right the wrongs of any form of tech that isn’t ready to be used. By making use of devops services, businesses are able to make sure that the finished website, app or other piece of tech is ready. With the need for such services, there are opportunities for businesses specialising in fixing problems to step in.

New opportunities

Businesses in the web development sphere have a great opportunity to capitalise on the growing need for disruptive input into companies’ tech. There are chances out there to help assist in-house IT service teams who may not have the expertise needed to make apps responsive, accessible or compatible with different operating systems.

Said chances can come about through finding vulnerabilities in security, problems arising from user testing, spotting flaws in code and even working out whether a new app/site can handle large amounts of traffic. Co-working between in-house and external devops/disruptive developers can yield better results, ensuring that finished products are as close to perfection as possible.

There are instances of apps, websites and so on not working on release. One of the most well-known in recent weeks is Ryanair’s website being down due to high traffic. Eagle-eyed development companies would do well to look out for these stories and approach the brands involved to offer their services.

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