Blog Your Way To The Bank!

blogIf you are looking for another way to boost your business’s revenue, there is one very simple way to do that. You just need to start a blog! Already got a company blog? Well, your next step is to turn it into a nice little moneymaker and monetize it. This isn’t quite as hard as you might think, and you will be surprised at just how easy it is to earn some extra cash by just posting blog posts.

Ready to get started? Here are some of the various ways you can turn your blog into a cash cow.

Affiliate Marketing

These days, lots of business have set up affiliate programs and let bloggers earn money by joining them. Once you have signed up for an affiliate program, such as the one offered by Amazon, you can then add links to the business’s site in the text of your blog post. When a reader clicks the links and goes through to the affiliate site, they will have the chance to buy a product or service. If they do, then you will get a cut of the profits. If you do this, you will need to add a disclaimer somewhere on your site so that you are completely transparent with your readers.

Paid Adverts

When you think of a standard blog post, there will be certain things that you expect to see on it. Things like a header, a stock photo, and an ‘about me’ section on the blogger. But do you also expect to see adverts? For some readers, adverts are part of the standard blog post, and they expect to see them either in the header or down the side. So why not think about adding some paid adverts to your site? As a blogger with a large audience, you will find that some companies approach you about advertising on your site. If no one has yet, you can always contact businesses directly and offer to sell them advertising space on your site.

Paid Reviews

Some companies also pay bloggers to post positive reviews of their products on their blog. You will find that companies start to approach you about this as well as adverts once your blog starts to attract a lot of traffic and gains a good reputation. One of the great things about posting paid reviews is that the company will sell you some free products so that you can write a comprehensive review of them. And who doesn’t love a freebie!


If you love writing and think you have what it takes to pen your own book, you should think about publishing an eBook and selling it through your blog. This is a great idea if you are an industry leader and could write a book full of know-how and insights into your company. eBooks won’t only increase your company’s profits, but they will also direct a lot more traffic to your blog!

If you already have a company blog, what’s stopping you monetizing it?

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