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5 Tips for Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most vital social media marketing tools available to businesses. Creating an Instagram account for your business is an easy and free way to advertise to potential customers utilizing a popular platform. Social media is a huge aspect of today’s society and it’s important to embrace technology and its gifts. Here are five simple tips for marketing on Instagram.

Utilize Tags Properly

Instagram works a little bit differently than other social media sites in the aspect that followers can’t share interesting posts they have liked. Instead, posts show up on a follower’s dashboard and they can choose to like the post or comment on it, but that is the extent of the interaction. So how can you spread your message to millions of potential followers? Here is when the hashtagging system comes into play and it’s a powerful tool to maximize how you spread images of your products. Instagram allows you to use as many hashtags as you like on each post, and it will also tell you how popular that specific hashtag is. It’s important to tag as many relevant keywords to ensure your post is found by people who aren’t following your business. Be careful, don’t go crazy with the hashtags and tag words that irrelevant to your post. This can make you seem desperate and annoying to users.

Buy Instagram Likes

It is easy to create a snowballing effect with likes on your posts. If users and followers see an image has a lot of likes on it, then they will be more likely to like the post as well, giving your business a positive and trustworthy image. You can buy Instagram likes from websites for a low fee depending on the amount you wish to acquire. Increasing the likes on your posts will also raise your chances of being featured on Instagram’s “Explore” page, as well drive more followers to your business.

Follow For Follower

Don’t be stingy when it comes to following people on Instagram. A lot of users abide by the “follow me and I will follow back” rule, which creates mutual following relationships between your business and potential customers. At first, you may have to follow a lot of users at random and wait until you have a stable popularity before other followers begin to organically follow your business’s Instagram. Popularity is a key on Instagram, as it demonstrates to potential customers that you provide a trustworthy and high-quality service.

Run Promotions And Discounts

Followers love a great discount and promotion presented to them through social media feeds, prompting them to give your posts some extra likes. Post images with discount codes, promotions, and contest rules. Encourage followers to like and comment on contest posts to win free stuff or coupon codes.

Answer Questions with Images

People say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why answers are often answered through images. Make sure to post detailed images of your products and services to answer any questions your customers may have. Seeing them posted on Instagram gives your product images credibility and glamor, increasing the chances of them purchasing those products from your business.