4 Social Media Marketing Tools You Need To Start Using

social mediaIn the fast paced world of online sales and marketing, social media has been playing a greater and greater role among our daily lives. If you’re trying to grow your business, social media seems to be the option of choice and it has been working wonders for people. So what are the best tools to grow a larger following on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook among others? We spoke to one cosmetic consultant firm in Toronto to get their advice on this matter.


Hootsuite is a wonderful tool to schedule posts so that you’re not wasting time typing them up throughout the day or even worse, forgetting to post them together. Do you have a new sale coming up or want to remind followers of an event going on? Schedule your posts in advance. The best part is that it’s easy to schedule all your posts for the week on Monday so you can focus on other things the rest of the week.

Analytical Tools

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have incredible analytic tools that help you gage impressions, see click-through rates of links posted, and more. The social media platforms show you basic analytics for each post and will track them so as to compare month vs. month and post vs. post, but if you buy advertisements they give you access to incredibly in-depth analytics.


If you’re a small-business and trying to develop cheap advertisements, Canva is a beautiful tool to use. It’s a free website (also with a paid version to unlock more features) that allows you to build stunning advertisements and posters on a range of topics. Don’t worry about not being artistic either as they have pre-made backgrounds, unique and stylish fonts, and more. You can download the advertisements and post them directly to your social media accounts.

Follow Blogs

Stay up to date on the latest social media growth strategies by following blogs dedicated to this matter. There are dozens of great blogs with the sole aim of helping you increase your followers, secure more click-throughs and opt-ins, and build a strong social media presence. It’s important to know what the best time to post statuses is, how to brand yourself, and the right words to create compelling copy.

Use these tools to build your social media platform to engage with customers while increasing sales and followers.

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