The Road to Becoming an Oustanding Real Estate Agent

houseIf you’ve ever bought a home in the past, then you’ve probably realised that there is a massive difference between a fantastic real estate agent and a below-average one. This is because selling a home is an acquired skill that could take years of experience and study in order to perfect. Even the most successful real estates will fail at some point, however, but the idea is that with proper research, skills and dedication, you can become an incredibly successful real estate agent.

In this article, we’ll be talking about some of the qualities of an outstanding real estate agent, give examples of how those points apply, and also some advice on how you can implement those strategies into your own business.

They know how to communicate efficiently

Communication is one of the key aspects of making a sale and understanding what you’re getting from a home. A real estate agent that withholds information or is difficult to speak to presents many problems. For instance, if a real estate agent isn’t approachable, then it’s less likely that the potential buyers will ask questions that once answered, could have a huge impact on making a successful sale.

For instance, if a real estate agent is communicating by telling the buyers about all the facts, all the great points and essentially not giving the buyers time to ask questions or interject, then they can seem overbearing and hard to approach. However, a real estate agent knows that the customer is what’s important, so they will act in a way that allows the buyer to ask questions on a regular basis and speak only when absolutely necessary.

It’s also incredibly important that real estate agents take their work seriously even outside of work hours. For instance, it’s not unusual for great ones to give their contact information to potential buyers who seemed interested in buying a home. They’ll give them constant updates and give the buyers a way to contact them in case they had more questions to ask or if they would like to schedule another appointment.

It’s also important for a real estate agent to communicate bluntly without too much fluff or additional chatter that isn’t required. This is because a house sale can take a considerable amount of time, and real estate agents want to move from client to client quickly so that they can make a sale and move on. In other words, when speaking to clients, make sure that you’re being realistic about their demands or questions and don’t try to extend a viewing period just to try and convince a buyer who isn’t showing much interest in a home.

Many real estate agents grow tired of listing basic information or speaking to buyers about technical terms. This is because real estate agents do what they do on a regular basis and they can feel like a broken record repeating things all the time. However, to the buyer, it’s most likely their first time meeting with the estate agent on the property which means that first impressions count. If you’re going to be an estate agent, then you need to get into the habit of repeating yourself for different potential buyers and ensuring you give them every single piece of information without missing any details.

They know how to advertise a home

Great estate agents know how to utilise all forms of media in order to make a sale. They also know exactly how to advertise a house to the intended audience instead of using generic descriptions for the sake of trying to attract a wider group of potential buyers.

Most estate agents have turned to the internet in order to sell their properties. This is a completely valid tactic, but one of the main issues is that not everyone is going to come across a home with the internet unless your website is incredibly popular and is well-advertised. This is when mixing traditional and digital advertising methods comes in handy. For instance, you can hire estate agent leaflets design and supply services that will help you produce attractive physical leaflets that can be used to promote the properties you are selling in a local area.

When advertising a home, it’s important that you understand that you’re not just selling a home, but a future. Homes are expensive investments unless you’re ridiculously rich, making them long-term purchases that will take decades to pay off. Because of this, you need to understand the needs of your buyers and how you can make a sale based on those needs.

For instance, if the buyer is a young couple that includes a pregnant woman, chances are they’re looking for a new home to start a family. This is when you need to put yourself in their shoes and make logical decisions on how you advertise the home. Start by introducing yourself and making a note of the pregnancy, and then talk about nearby schools or amenities that will make it an excellent choice for a new family. Talk about expansion rooms, safety issues regarding a child, and the garden that will make an excellent play area for the children.

The bottom line is that you’re not just selling them a house, you’re helping them find a home of their dreams. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, try to understand their position and get to know them so that you have an easier time making recommendations and selling your property.

They understand the importance of transparency and honesty

Anyone who’s ever had contact with a real estate agent will know how it feels to be kept in the dark. Whether it’s hidden fees that the estate agent neglected to tell you about or repairs and problems with the house they don’t mention, it can be a nightmare trying to trust in your estate agent for the best advice.

This is why you should never hide facts from your buyer. Be transparent about the home and tell them everything if you want to gain their trust. Real estate agents rely on their reputation and a single bad sale to a homeowner could spell the death of your company. For instance, if you neglect to tell a buyer that their home currently has problems with certain appliances or the garden, then they might discover these issues later in the future and they could take legal action against you should they have a record of you telling them a lie. Even if you didn’t, frustrated individuals can always go onto the internet and leave bad reviews or kick up a storm about your business which will make it impossible for you to build up a strong reputation.

You also need to be transparent about additional fees or costs that might incur as a result of buying a home. If you withhold this information. It could drastically lower your chances of making a sale and you might even end up with frustrated customers who are angry at the thought of you lying about the costs of buying a home that you’re selling.

One of the most common things that real estate agents lie about is their credentials. They might say they’ve sold 20 homes, that they’ve worked with a celebrity or perhaps they might exaggerate something they’ve done in the past. Real estate agents that toot their own horn like this are easy to spot. However, the good real estate agents will toot their horn and happily give you references for the last few houses they sold. This is because they’ve offered such a fantastic service to the customer that their buyers are willing to act as living proof of their skills and honesty. If you’re going to talk about how great of a real estate agent you are, then make sure you can back up those claims with real proof and not just fake statistics just to make your buyer go “ooooh”.

If you become transparent towards your buyers, you give them a reason to trust you. Even the most gullible buyers are going to think something suspicious is happening if you sell them the dream of owning a home which is absolutely perfect and hasn’t got a single flaw. Tell them the truth, answer their questions properly and don’t neglect information!


Becoming an outstanding real estate agent takes a lot of experience and training. However, it’s a goal that is achievable should you put in enough time and hard work, but the previous three points are the foundations on which you should build your real estate career. You have to possess fantastic communication skills, you need to know how to advertise your home to buyers and you need to be transparent with your buyers.

Without these three pillars, you’re never going to become an outstanding real estate agent. You might make a couple of sales here and there and you might gain a fairly wide reach in the property market, but at the end of the day, building up a successful business is reliant on the satisfaction of your customers.

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