Impressing VIP Clients – It’s A Lot Easier Than You’d Think

handsEvery customer is important, but there’s no doubt that some clients are more valuable than others. Subsequently, going the extra mile for those integral people is something that should sit at the top of every business owner’s agenda.

Most entrepreneurs appreciate those sentiments; the main issue, however, is finding ways to make it happen. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of complicating things but, in truth, simplicity is king. Follow these simple steps below, and you’ll have those VIP clients eating out of your hands in no time.

#1. Perfect Your Online Presence

In today’s business climate, the company website is undoubtedly one of the greatest assets at your disposal. This is true for all customers but is particularly vital when handling VIP clients. Before meeting, there’s a very strong chance that they will be researching your business via the internet.

First and foremost, you need to ensure that your website reflects the business in a positive manner. From design to content, the quality of your site can have a telling impact on their perceptions of the entire company. In severe circumstances, a poor online platform could even result in a cancellation.

It’s important to think about the visibility of your site too. Combine strong SEO with great social media interactions, and you should be just fine.

#2. Organise Star Treatment From Start To Finish

When you meet with a potential VIP client, or even an existing one, it’s important to accept that yours isn’t the only business fighting for their custom. In truth, important business people are used to be treated well. So make sure that they are throughout their dealings with your operation too.

If they’re flying in, hiring luxury airport transfers can go a long way to boosting your cause. Not only does it show that you pay attention to detail. But it additionally prevents stressful scenarios that could ruin their spirits.

Let’s face it; a client in a naturally good frame of mind is far more likely to respond in the manner you desire. Just remember to maintain strong communications through various tech devices during the build up, and you won’t go wrong.

#3. Provide A Memorable Experience

Those crucial meetings shouldn’t solely be about the business matters. If this were the case, you could have probably discussed them via video conferencing and email. Crucially, this is your opportunity to build the winning relationship that’ll ensure they choose your company.

Whether it’s arranging a golf day, a business meal or something else doesn’t matter. Go the extra mile to provide a pleasurable experience, and it will give the client an extra incentive. Apart from anything else, it’s a great way to show that you can take care of important tasks in a professional and productive manner.

The client has probably researched you before the meeting. So if you’re stuck for inspiration, why not conduct a little online research of your own? People want to do deals with businesses that they can relate to. Check their social media platforms for a little insight, and you won’t go far wrong.

#4. Invest In Yourself & The Business

These VIP meetings are a great opportunity to set winning foundations. However, it’s important to realise that you are essentially being judged from start to finish. It’s your job to impress them, not the other way around. Therefore, presenting yourself and the company in a winning way is pivotal.

Taking care of your personal appearance is crucial. After all, nobody is going to trust you with their business needs if you can’t even look after yourself. More importantly, though, you need to grab this chance to show that your company is the right choice. A video brochure can blow their mind by showing that you are ahead of the game. Furthermore, the information presented here is far easier to digest.

Of course, other printed materials can be used as reading material for their return journey. Ultimately, the entire meeting is important, but these business elements are your main priority. Do not forget it.

#5. After Care

Those VIP business meetings are designed to show what your company can do while building relationships in a relaxed arena. However, most potential clients will need a little time to confirm their decisions. Therefore, the post-meeting communication is equally vital as you look to gain a conversion.

Sending a thank you email or message should be considered common practice. Meanwhile, following up those communications with a phone call or video conference can allow you to discuss finer details.

Even if it doesn’t generate the desired response, knowing that you’ve followed the appropriate blueprint is key. Get into those winning habits, and your hopes of sustained success should soar.

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