How You’re Hurting Your Business

businessThat old saying, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”, certainly doesn’t apply to the world of business. While some business owners can hurt their start-ups by pumping resources into an area that really isn’t that important, it’s often much more costly to fail to acknowledge something that you should. Sheer ignorance has ended countless promising start-ups in the past, and I’m sure you don’t want yours to join them. Here are a few errors you need to be avoiding like the plague…

Failing to Keep your Sales Team Informed

Your sales team is responsible for getting your product into the hands of your customers. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is pretty important! Take a moment to think about how well your sales team actually knows your product, and your company for that matter. Sure, they may be able to sing out the list of product benefits that you’ve drawn up, or know the pricing structure like the back of their hands. However, are they able to address the harder questions? If your sales team aren’t able to tell customers how to troubleshoot common issues, or what your company will do for them when something else goes wrong, you could land your venture in

serious trouble. Make sure your sales team is well-informed before your brand picks up too much traction.

You’re Shooting for the Wrong Audience

The definition of “wrong” is the key thing to take away from this point. Sure, you might be targeting a demographic that wants your product, and buys it at a healthy rate. However, if they’re not the perfect audience for your product, then you’re just wasting time and money. This issue can often be down to outsourcing your marketing to professional or even fraudulent digital marketing services. This can be avoided by using trusted marketplaces such as SEOClerks. If you launch your business with a set notion of the one type of person who will buy your product, all your market research will be focussed on this one demographic. This can lead to you totally neglecting other, better markets, simply because you never bothered to think about them. Make sure you’re not overlooking any audiences that hold as much, or even more, potential for your brand.

You Overpromise and Underdeliver

When you’re composing ads and talking about a potentially lucrative transaction, it can be very tempting to make your product sound like the best thing since sliced bread, and your business like the undisputed leader of the industry. It’s certainly not a bad thing to believe in your business. However, if you take this too far, and make promises that you can’t keep, it can do a massive amount of damage to your reputation in the long run. To keep on the safe side, make a habit of being conservative. Under-promising and over-delivering is always better than the opposite situation. Sure, you may lose a potential customer here and there, but if you can’t stick to your promises, your brand’s reputation will suffer immensely.

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