How Your Small Business Can Benefit from E-Commerce

shoppingE-commerce has revolutionised the business world and small businesses have been positively influenced by the changes. The availability and accessibility of creating and implementing an e-commerce platform has meant that large companies aren’t the only ones to enjoy the benefits of selling products online. Small businesses have found success online and these companies have been able to grow beyond their expectations. So, how can your small business benefit from e-commerce in terms of sales?

Attracting a larger customer base

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of e-commerce is how it expands your customer base. If you are a small brick-and-mortar store, then you can’t expect to generate customer numbers beyond what is locally possible. On the other hand, when you set up an e-commerce site, your customers are not bound by geography. You can sell to customers around the world. Even if you don’t want to get started with international shipping, you’ll still be able to sell to a broader audience within your country. The benefit for a small business comes from how the increased amount of sales is generated with almost no additional overhead cost.

Access to commercial platforms

In order to enjoy growth in sales, small businesses naturally have to be able to get the word out. You need to ensure the customer base is able to find you and your products online. When your business is small, your website might not always be attractive enough to generate enough visitors. But e-commerce doesn’t just happen on single websites – there are plenty of commercial platforms that are open to all, no matter what the size of the business. Platforms such as Amazon and Etsy can be great for small businesses, not just in terms of visibility, but also how these sites offer analytics tools and help with sales and shipping. Small businesses can also be on a level playing field on different shopping portals aimed at helping customers to save money. Discount providers like can help you save money and ensure that you are saving the best on a wide variety of esteemed products. This makes sure that your customers are attracted to find your products or services.

Free or cheaper promotion

Related to above point is how e-commerce and the Internet have helped provide free or cheaper promotional options for small businesses. Traditionally, the marketing costs have placed small businesses in disadvantage. The cost of advertising in the newspaper or TV has continued to increase and physical advertising elsewhere can cost thousands. The Internet, on the other hand, provides tons of routes on a much more level playing field.

If your business is not yet promoting itself on social media, then you need to get started immediately. Regular posting on sites like Twitter and Instagram can help drive up sales. The great thing about marketing online is how you can utilise the power of social media and get your customers to advertise for you. If you can get them to post about your business, you reach more people and you didn’t even have to do anything beyond providing a great service and product.

Not to mention how much easier it is to personalise the marketing to suit your customers. If you have a wide customer base, you don’t need that one single ad to suit all – you can use different platforms and marketing methods to reach different segments and ensure your promotional material is always appealing to the person in question.

Better and more personalised service

E-commerce has also helped drive sales because of the personalisation opportunities. This is especially good for small businesses, which might handcraft most items regarding customer preferences. You definitely don’t need to focus on mass production in order to make it in the e-commerce market.

As you learn about your customers, you can start offering more personalised solutions. Customers of the modern era love to tweak their products and buy something that isn’t available for everyone else – uniqueness and personality are the big words of the decade, if not century.

Easier way to shop and sell

Overall, e-commerce has made the process a lot easier. Not only can it be easier for you to sell as a small business online, but the customer also benefits from the simplicity and ease of shopping this way. The simplicity can help your small business, as customers tend to look for things online before venturing out in the shops. Therefore, if you can provide a niche service, the customer is likely to opt for the ease of online shopping rather than start looking around.

E-commerce has truly revolutionised the way businesses sell. What’s better is how this revolution has boosted the opportunities available for small businesses. Small businesses are not at a huge disadvantage anymore. In fact, they can often offer a more unique experience to the customer, making their products and services more appealing.

If your business is not yet part of the e-commerce revolution, then hopefully the above points will convince you to join up. You’ll experience higher sales and improved growth as a result.

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