How to Improve Business Sales With Instagram

instagramSocial media is an essential tool for any business looking to build up their brand. Instagram takes the lead among other social media platforms. Sadly, some online retailers are underestimating its power in increasing business sales. Don’t be one of them. Although there’s no direct link for buyers to purchase (other than your link in the Bio), you can still cleverly make use of Instagram to generate sales.

Hear about these 5 tips to get you started:

1. Find ways to expand your reach

The more targeted your reach is, the more chances of improving your sales. “Tag a friend” posts are excellent for expanding your reach. Post something very subtle like your product on the beach. Your post will have people longing for the beach. There are fantastic tools available to expand your reach. Some brands even go for paid tools.

2. No to “Salesy” posts

You may be wondering if it is possible to sell without being salesy. To do this, don’t just post a photo of your product with a plain background. Instead, showcase your products in real life situations and focus on how they can improve people’s lives. These types of posts can be more appealing to the viewers. Transparent captions like “Buy our bags now!” will only turn people off. Furthermore, real online shoppers refer to a brand’s social media channel before purchasing. So, make sure your content is pleasant and desirable.

3. Use attention-grabbing photos

In connection to not being “salesy”, you need to be creating suitable, attention grabbing photos. Your photos on Instagram have to be creative, suggestive, and eye-catching. Use the correct image size. Tell a story through your photos to inspire your audience. The photos/images you use reflect your brand. You might consider hiring a professional photographer to create stand out photos. See how this will advance your brand. It will be worth it.

4. Let influencers market your brand

The persistent idea throughout this guide is that people don’t like salesy marketing. So what better way to casually market your brand than to have others do it for you? You don’t necessarily need a big budget to find influential people (like accounts with around 10k followers). Search for relevant accounts bios that display their website or email address. Simply invite them to promote your product. Instead of offering payment, you can send them some of your products for review. Some influencers may even do it for free. Make sure to ask them to include your Instagram handle in their image post. You can even feature some of your customers. They will feel honored to be brand ambassadors especially if they’re already loyal customers. Don’t forget to put your site link within your Instagram Bio so people can check out your site.

5. Use tools for selling

There are additional tools that can help you increase your sales. Using a tool like Vibbi can help you promote your brand by building and maintaining a trustworthy Instagram presence. Social sharing apps are also available on the market. There are tools that even allow your customers to purchase your products without leaving Instagram.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Instagram is such an awesome platform for increasing business sales through relevant images, hashtags, customer/influencer marketing, and some tools for selling. You need to identify that you are not just posting pictures, but that you’re developing your potential customer’s trust. Most importantly, make sure to connect with your followers by responding to their comments and liking their posts.

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