How Technology Can Streamline Your Business

VOIPBusinesses should be regularly looking at ways that they can cut down on waste. Whether it’s looking at internal communications, employee management or IT systems, technology could be the key to helping you streamline your business.

Your company could be saving a significant amount of time and money by identifying key areas where technology can help in the running of your business. Here’s three key areas for your consideration.

Implement a DevOps Service

DevOps is a term that stands for “Development Operations” and it’s used to describe practices that emphasise the collaboration of software developers and IT professionals in automating the process of software delivery.

It promotes better collaboration between departments, embedding IT operations to improve communications between teams. Use professional services, such as those provided by Sogeti, to help you save time and money when launching new software in your company and to help you reduce the risk of bugs further down the line. That way, you won’t have to continually spend money on the maintenance of the software.

Establish a Central Server

A central server can act as a central place to keep all your documentation. No longer will you have to send documents back and forth for proofing or approval because with a server, it’s all in one place and there is clear document control. This can save you and your employees a lot of time and confusion.

Also, it reduces the need for piles of paper in filing cabinets, which may take a lot of time for your employees to organise and search through, as well as the risk of paperwork being misplaced. Paperless is not only more efficient, but also more environmentally-friendly too.

Switch to VoIP

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a telecommunications technology that can help your business to reduce costs as operating costs for VoIP are lower than for traditional phone companies. As the traffic goes through your existing broadband connection, you won’t be required to install new phone lines and it can even be installed at home for employees who work away from the office. Plus, it becomes a service that’s maintained by your IT department, which reduces the need for hiring new staff.

With VoIP, you can enjoy all the benefits of a normal business phone line, including voice call, conferencing and call-forwarding, in a cost-effective way.

Identify key areas where you can use technology to streamline your business operations – it could save you valuable time and money when running your business.

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