Go Faster! Tech & Tools

keyboardSpeed, it’s the thing that is always hovering in the background. We need to be able to work faster, or we need those reports done as soon as possible. It makes our working lives a big ball of stress, and it impacts on our ability to work well. If we feel we have to work faster, we forgo things like quality. This is why tech is well-suited to the modern business. Many startups and small companies that have too many tasks with too little resources rely on tech to get their business working in top condition. Here are some ideas for you to think about.

Productivity Software

There are so many analytical tools around that it makes the work of a line manager much easier. Measuring productivity is key to making sure that a business works at a certain speed overall, and for those that rely on contact centers to deal with customer queries, you can use tools to audit telephone calls, so you have a record of a certain staff member’s progression. This is especially useful if they are new to the company. There are also tools where you can get the staff to input their progression throughout the day, something as simple as reading an email is something that can slow down productivity when you add up the total of emails that have to be read during the course of a day. By looking at where productivity is lacking or what the main culprits are, you can start to address those problems head on.

Cloud Software

There are so many companies that use cloud software that the benefits are its key selling point. For small companies, you have a limited amount of free space, and the backup options are many as well as an increased option for collaboration, which is great for businesses with remote workers. Cloud software can also be increased and decreased as the business expands and contracts and this can cause problems with the amount of data a system can hold. But there are resources like a cloud load balancer available, which helps to allocate the technical resources and make sure the amount of information you process does not overload the system. There are many cloud services providers available that can help you to deal with how much data you need to process, and as your business expands you need to think about the technological impact on your company.

CRM Programs

Customer Relationship Management software is used to help businesses better engage with their customers. There are so many pieces of marketing tech or software, but the importance of CRM is utilized from within the business. Using CRM software can help you to automate specific processes, which means you can allocate your staff more pressing items of work instead of getting them to do basic admin tasks. Once the customer interaction has been automated, the amount of time saved that equates into money is a sizeable chunk of your operation. As the business increases in size, you need to make sure your tech rolls with the changes.

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