Brewing Up A Top-Notch Marketing Campaign

coffeeA marketing campaign is about more than getting customers interested in what you offer. There’s a good chance that most of your target market already likes the idea of what you could do for them. But they need more than that. So, your marketing campaign needs more than that. Here, we’ll look at what it might be missing.


Every marketing message starts with the proposition of some value. Value is what separates the generic message from the successful one. The value-driven message talks about the customer’s needs and how your business helps them fulfil them. It’s a brand whose story is about the customer’s narrative in using your services, not about the story of the business.


A great brand and marketing campaign also stands apart from the rest. It finds the niche or it does that little bit extra that separates it from the rest of the market. This is market positioning and it means finding your unique selling proposition. To find it, take a look at the marketing of your competitors. See where the focus is in social media and the content they use on their site. Learn what works for them, but also where you can diverge from their message.


The message has to be delivered in all the right ways, too. You need to look at the variety of options shown at and find those that will offer the greatest return on investment. How are most of your customers going to first come in contact with your business? Will they be reading blogs where a guest post from you could grab their attention? Will they be looking for answers to their questions through social media? Are they the active crowd on certain social media channels? Find where your customers are online and ensure that’s where you are, too.


You have to be with the lead every step of the way, as well. You need to think about every step of the process. Use the marketing funnel as a basis to plan from. Build awareness with search engine optimization and getting the brand out there. Build interest with calls-to-action and targeted ads. Guide them through consideration by offering free trials or publishing case studies. So on, and so forth. Think of every step of the customer journey, not just the first one.


The proof is in the pudding, so when someone likes the taste, make sure they’re sharing it. Get your happy customers to champion your brand by incentivizing further engagement with it. Pages like suggest doing the same with your brand by creating content that’s easier to share, as well. Viral marketing, emotion-driven messages, and cause marketing are all great ways to produce branded content that’s just too easy to share.

Tell customers what your services do for them. Tell them what makes you different. Get the message out in the right places. Bring them closer to conversion every step of the way. Then keep them on-side once you have them. Marketing is about a lot more than delivering a message. So, ensure you’re incorporating all the tips above and you’ll see some real success.

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