Away From Your Business But Still In Charge

beachThere are times when the boss leaves the office. On TV shows and in films this is often seen as a reason for employees to either relax, slack off or go crazy. It’s fair to say that this can happen when you leave your business in the hands of the people underneath you. But it doesn’t have to. Instead, it’s possible to keep productivity and efficiency levels high even when you’re on a beach with your family or half a world away. Let’s look at some of the best options to keep things on track when the boss is away.

Lay Out A Plan

Before you head off, you may want to leave a plan for the people who are going to be watching the office while you’re away. Managers should have goals for the week as should individual employees. Ideally, you’re looking for a nice surprise when you a return rather than a complete disaster. The hope is that your employees will have reached the goals that you laid out for them. This will happen as long as the plan is clear and that particular goal isn’t too far out of reach. Work with business colleagues before you leave and ensure that your targets are both reasonable and possible.

Leave Someone In Your Place

It is possible to leave someone in your place to steer the ship while you’re away. The best option is to use a business like My Concierge. Using a business like this you will be provided with an office concierge. An office concierge can take over as boss of the business while you’re away. They won’t make massive business decisions without you. But they will keep the company on the same path it was on when you left for your vacation or to spend time with your family. Concierges are highly trained and know exactly how to ensure that a business continues to perform on the market.

Use The Tech Available

You might also want to think about using tech to make leaving your business easier. There’s plenty of tech on the market that can mean you can manage your company from half a world away. One example of this would be cloud servers. With a cloud server, you can keep in touch with employees and if they are working online, you’ll be able to see exactly what they are doing. This is basically a form of micro management. At the very least it lets employees know that they don’t have free reign to fall behind while you’re out of the office. You still have an eye on them, a digital eye that is.

Offer Incentives

Last but not least, you can offer incentives for hard work while you’re away. Leave hints that employees who exceed or even match your expectations for independent work will be lined up for promotions. You don’t have to fulfill all these promises but you might find that it really does give you evidence that certain individuals deserve to be in higher roles.

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