5 Elements to Improve on Your E-commerce Site

ecommerceA great ecommerce site is the sum of its parts. Sites that have all the facets working together as one tend to be impressive and work well. So, if you have an ecommerce site and want to improve it, then what should you look at? Check these tips out.

1. Call To Action & Sign-up Buttons

Keep your sign-up forms as short as possible; those long pages only make the registration process cumbersome and boring. The applicants’ profession, their phone number, and address are not necessary for an e-commerce site. Just stick to the basics; let them fill in an email address and a password. Notwithstanding, leverage the power of call-to-action buttons since they are resources you can use to gain higher conversion rates as well as to increase the site’s usability. So, ensure the buttons are the first thing people see when they visit the website.

About the call-to-action buttons, pay attention to their size and color as well as their position on the site, the wording, and font used. Everything should make for a clear presentation that stands out from the background. Moreover, use IP delivery to enhance your communication using local language. The IP delivery will ensure the buttons are in a suitable language based on the viewer’s location.

2. Buying Without the Need to Register

Online shoppers detest the lengthy sign-up processes associated with finalizing a purchase; they just want to make a quick purchase with too much hassle. So, consider a change of tact such as allowing shoppers to select and checkout products without having to register and then requesting them to do so later if they wish to sign-up. It will make it customers more open to making the next purchase thus reducing cart abandonment, improving customer retention and increasing the sales rate. Statistics show that this strategy can increase the online sales up to around $300 million.

3. Search Function

A flawless search functionality will easier the process of finding products on your site; it will make the shopping experience more satisfying for your customers. It would be a cumbersome process where guests have to move from page to page going through every product’s description just to find what they want. Make things easier for them, and they will love shopping at your online store.

A search functionality is a crucial element that every e-commerce website should invest in more so if the store has a wide variety of products. And if the site has refined is products display by categories them, then the search will be a quick process that allows shoppers to find what they want fast and this makes for a quick sales process. A good Internet marketing company could set this up for you and you will see many benefits.

4. Breadcrumb Navigation

It is prudent to clarify to the customers where they stand in the purchase process when they place their orders. Show the steps they have covered and those that remain. This is a breadcrumb navigation that helps affirm to shoppers that their order will be processed as fast as possible. It keeps them from getting bored and disgruntled with the customer services thus abandoning their purchase.

The breadcrumb navigation can also be used for polish the orders by allowing shoppers to go back a step and edit any issues with their order as opposed to starting from scratch which can cause them to quit the process altogether.

5. Shopping Cart

Content management and personal detail security are elements that should not miss in an e-commerce site. Customers should be confident that their person details will not be compromised when buying products from online stores. As such, your e-commerce site should have a robust security that protects the privacy of the customers. Invest in a current SSL Certification, and a reputable trust certificated such as VeriSign or Hacker Safe; these will help build customers’ trust when shopping on your online store.

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