15 Facts Supporting Email Marketing as the Best Lead Generation Strategy

emailThere are many online marketing strategies that can bring success for companies. Whether you are looking to promote a new product or the company itself, these methods lead to more exposure and an increase in sales. But what method is the best lead generation strategy? Many would say it is email marketing, and here are fifteen facts that support those claims.

  1. People Use Email

It may sound silly, but the main reason email marketing works is because everyone uses email to keep up to date with their correspondence!

  1. Return on Investment is Great

You are not going to have to put much money into an email marketing scheme, but the returns will impress you a lot. You will even have money left to buy solo ads that work with guaranteed targeted clicks, if you are searching for deeper marketing strategies.

  1. People Get the Message

If someone is allowing your messages through their spam filter, they will know exactly when you have new products or discounts on the site.

  1. People Open Emails

If you have crafted quality emails that contain enticing subject lines, people will open those emails to see what is inside!

  1. Targeted Marketing Strategy

Unlike some other marketing strategies, you are not taking a shot in the dark with email marketing. You are targeting those who like your products or services.

  1. Qualified Leads

When you craft an email list, it is usually with qualified leads, which means they are people who want to buy your products.

  1. These Lists are Your Own

Social media sites like Facebook make it harder for you to reach out to people organically, which means you must rely on your email lists to communicate directly with people.

  1. Readers See What They Want

Through carefully crafted emails, your readers will see exactly what appeals to them the most.

  1. Increase Engagement

By telling stories or conveying news to your customers, you can make them feel a part of your company.

  1. Brand Awareness

As people get your emails, they will look at your logo and company name more often, which means your brand registers in their mind!

  1. Newer Customers

They are great for bringing back old customers, but emails also help generate a new audience.

  1. Aftersales Service

Email marketing is also great for following up with customers after they make a purchase to see if they enjoyed the experience.

  1. Upsell and Cross-Sell

Whether you are selling more items to customers, or talking to them about your other products and services, email can help you generate more money out of a customer!

  1. Formatting

When you promote content on social media, you are restricted by their platform as to how your page can look. But with email, the look is entirely up to you!

  1. Email and Mobile Platforms

Email is the best way to get information across to customers on mobile platforms, and more than 60 percent of people use a smartphone to check their email. If your email blasts look great on smartphones, you are good to go!

These are only fifteen of the many reasons why an email marketing campaign will bring your company success.

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