Web Of Intrigue: Online Marketing Methods

socialiconsWe all use the internet to market our business, but are we really using it the best way possible? By not using the best approaches to promote our company’s products, we are doing a disservice to not just the business, but to the untapped potential customers that we cannot see. The web is such a wonderful tool, that many small businesses are not making the most of it, instead preferring to rely on the standard promotional prowess of social media. There is nothing wrong with social media, it is a great tool, but it is a limited one when you are a small company with dreams of larger locations and upscaling. So, what can we do to get our mouthpieces louder?

Renovate. Renovate. Renovate.

The importance of SEO ranking techniques is something that cannot be underestimated. There are many tricks to the trade you can use, such as changing your website on a regular basis to keep your page “fresh” or you can put in certain keywords that help to flag up your site on the right search engine results pages, but this is something that a search engine optimization company can help with, and specialize in this to help out businesses that are looking to take their marketing to the next level. The main trick to keeping high in the SEO rankings is to have a constantly changing and evolving mass of content that is relevant to your website. Content is a key part of any business marketing campaign, so make it as good as it can be.

Gearing Supplementary Products Towards Customers

Once you figure out your target market, you can start to create other products that are additional extras, but still are a marketing tool for your wider audience. One great example is a podcast. The genius in making a podcast work as a marketing tool is that it is one of the few advertising mediums that do not require having to grab the audience’s attention instantly. The very notion of a podcast is something that you can invest time and effort in to help promote your business because the running times are in excess of one hour and they are the online equivalent of talk radio, allowing you to slow-burn topics and push your business in a subtle way.

Another benefit of the standard podcast is that it is cheap to set up and run. Many podcasts that are successful are of varying quality. All you need are a couple of microphones, recording equipment and an engaging subject. A podcast is a great way to build up a loyal online following, one that you can turn into a valued customer base. Another product is the YouTube video. There are many people that make vlogs and mockumentaries about their workplace, or you could show the inner workings of your business. It is a great way to showcase your business from the inside out and give your company some personality that could be lacking in other areas of your marketing campaign.

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