The Ingenius Way To Cut Costs

moneyThere is no denying that business has to pay out more than ever. That is part of having a more connected world and having more equipment available to us, equipment that helps us become more effective at doing our jobs. But while the outgoings have gone up, our ability to save a few dollars has become simpler than ever too. These days, it doesn’t take much or effort to cut down your outgoings; all it takes it a slightly more saving-savvy mind that can make intelligent choices that will either cut costs immediately or save you money over the long-run, both of which should be appealing and considered.

So, here’s how:


This is an area of cost that has gone up, and that is because it is no longer a matter of just having a landline. Everyone has mobile phones, and the cost of mobile phones goes up with every new model of iPhone that Apple releases, and with fewer people using landlines, the cost of having a landline has gone up to counter this. So why not ditch your landline completely. There are so many cheaper alternatives out there, from mobile phones to virtual phone lines to VoIP and a bunch of other alternatives. You may think this is a risk, but if someone wants to get hold of you, they aren’t going to balk when they see you don’t operate a traditional phone line. In fact, they are probably going to view you as forward-thinking and that will have a positive effect.

Utility Bills

It starts with going onto Uswitch and seeing what the most favorable energy rates are and who is supplying them and it ends with taking energy saving action. It could be that you give your office space an extra lift by investing in some commercial window tint by SolarTex, Inc, which will increase your energy efficiency and reduce your utility costs. Perhaps it could be that you invest in renewable energy sources and chuck a few solar panels on the roof of your office block. Whatever it is, reducing your costs in an area that is so easy to reduce costs will save you pennies immediately and over the long run, both of which are beneficial to you.


It all costs money. Paper costs money. Ink costs money. Postage costs money. Stamps cost money. Courier services cost money. It all costs money. What’s more, it costs the environment too, so why not go paperless. Change the signature at the bottom of your emails to say you operate as a paper-free company and that all communicating is done via email or phone and people will respect this. Once again, they will see your business as responsible, and may even consider making a move themselves. It makes sense. There are no so many ways to read documents, to annotate and comment on documents, using technology. What’s more, it is more effective and more efficient too. It is a matter or sending and receive, without the need for any waiting time.

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