The Age Of The DIY Business Is Here!

marketingFor a long time, it was assumed that there was no way that many people would ever be able to start their own businesses, let alone compete in a market with so many other huge, well-established ones. People generally imagined that to start a business; they would need large sums of capital, as well as a sizeable team that can actually make your dream for the business into a reality. And until recently, that might have been true. But over the last decade, the internet has completely revolutionized the way that businesses are set up and created. We are now truly living in the age of the DIY business, with people setting up highly successful enterprises from the comfort of their own home. Here are a few crucial ways in which it’s never been easier to do it yourself!


Previously, if you wanted your business to have any form of marketing reach, then you had to be ready to pay for it. Not only did you have to hire people to help create a marketing campaign for you but you also had to pay for that campaign to be spread around on an international level. Now, thanks to the internet, it’s just as easy for someone a thousand miles away to see your business as it is for someone ten miles away. Not only that but thanks to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can communicate directly with potential customers, drawing huge marketing figures without ever needing to spend a single penny. As long as you’re creating engaging, potentially viral content, then your customers are going to share it themselves, creating a newly updated and far-reaching form of word-of-mouth marketing.

Legal protection

There are a lot of legal waters to wade through when you’re setting up a business. From health and safety law to trademarks, the list goes on and on. For many people, dealing with all of that can seem like a pretty daunting task. Fortunately, there are now some incredible services that help you keep your business on the right side of the law far more easily. Companies like Legal Files are fantastic for providing software that allows you to make sure that your business has the best matter management, as well as streamlining many administrative functions.


Accounting is one of the least interesting, and most time-consuming elements of running any business and it’s the kind of thing that can be seriously off-putting when you’re trying to strike out on your own. Larger companies are able to afford dedicated accountants, but if your budget doesn’t stretch to that, it can be daunting trying to make sense of pages of financial jargon. But thanks to the internet, the whole process has become far simpler and easier. There are now hundreds of different pieces of accounting software available that make the act of doing your accounts faster and easier to understand than you would ever have expected. That way you can deal with them right away and get back to the things that are really important to you.

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