Money, Money, Money Isn’t Funny

We think Abba was wrong. Money isn’t funny in a rich man’s world because as a business owner you could be rich. But we don’t know many successful business owners who don’t keep tight control of their spending. If you don’t, you’re making a huge mistake that will cost you, literally and figuratively. It’s fair to say if your spending isn’t under control, you won’t be as competitive on the market. Eventually, that could lead to issues with competitor pricing, not to mention over spending. So, how can you make sure you’re taking finances seriously

Invest In Expertise

Our first recommendation would be that you get an accountant on your staff or use an outsourcing service. Basically, you need someone on your team looking over the books. Otherwise, spending will grow out of control. It’s fair to say that a lot of business owners have a lot more money than they realize. But poor management means that they simply aren’t aware of this. The money drains away into different resources instead of being controlled, as it should be.

Use The Tech

There is plenty of tech on the market now, specifically designed for expense management. You can have a look at a site like Avaza for some examples of this. With this software, you can keep costs under control and make sure you always know how much money is being spent on your business model. You can also share this information with key individuals in your business. That means that everyone is on the same page. It’s also possible to use software like this to manage all your expenses with one resource. Due that no cost is forgotten and you can obtain a clear, full picture of your financial situation.

Careful of Tax

You can be taxed considerably in business if you don’t watch out. It’s possible that you could be massively overcharged, simply because you don’t know how to handle deductions. This is another area where an accountant can be useful. Accountants are able to find loopholes and ensure you can, legally, manage the cost of taxation. Don’t worry we’re not talking about anything like the Panama Papers here. Everything will be above board, and the truth is the government expects businesses to take advantage of these tricks. You just need someone with the expertise who knows how to use them. You can find out about this on

Try Outsourcing

Finally, you should think about outsourcing areas of your business that are proving to be too expensive. There will be certain parts of your company that cost a fortune. One of the examples would be marketing. If you have hired a marketing team, it can be a massive expense that you won’t want to deal with. To avoid this, use another company altogether. You’ll get an expert service, and you’ll still be able to keep the cost under control. You might be surprised how small the biggest businesses on the market actually are these days. It’s true to say that most of the jobs aren’t handled by their small team of employees at all. It’s just how the game is now played.