Marketing Doesn’t Have To Mean Facebook

telephoneIf you own or run a business, then chances are you have trawled through blog after blog in an attempt to learn how to market yourself better, more effectively and in a more cost-effective manner. The problem is, each of these blogs has probably highlighted the power of social media when it comes to marketing. Facebook Ads or regularly tweeting or setting up a Pinterest account even though you’re business sells analytics or something else non-tangible. We’re not saying social media isn’t an awesome invention and, quite possibly, awesome for your business. But to maximise its effect, you should be coupling it with another strategy that gets potential customers and clients onto your social media accounts. So let’s get started.


Those four letters probably don’t mean a single thing to you, but what they stand for is Help A Reporter Out, and it offers an incredible avenue that is still massively untapped. How this will help you is simple; journalists, reporters and writers (those sorts of people) are always desperate to get quotes from experts, no matter what field. They want to talk to bloggers and business owners and industry workers, and that allows you a great in, and a great way to get your name and company into an infinite range of markets. Check it out.


This is no longer the impossible task it once was, and is no longer reserved to best-selling authors. Nowadays there are so many print and digital outlets, landing yourself a column is easy and a great opportunity for you to make a name amongst your peers no matter what sector you operate in. We suggest you look for online opportunities though, not least because that is how most people get their information these days. What’s more, seeing a link at the bottom of an article that leads to your website only takes a click, which makes it a very easy bridge to cross. So do some research, look at blogs in your niche, approach them, ask if they fancy having a guest blogger once a week, or fortnight, or month. You’ll be surprised at how many want partnerships like this.


Promotional products are an unbelievable way to get your business in front of people. In a world where there is more information shoved in front of people than ever before – more adverts, more articles, more TV shows, more podcasts, more everything – the simple promotional product manages to stand out. It could be a mug or a pen or a bag or even a urinal cake. They will all work. You’re biggest problem is going to be knowing what options are available to you, so go and look at Motivators promotional products, and see what they are selling; maybe even ask what their best sellers are so you have idea of what works for other people. Most promotional product companies will even help you come up with a strategy to boost your business by establishing the perfect range of products specifically for your interests.

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