How to Utilize Your Garden Space When Working From Home

OutdoorMore and more people these days are running business from the comfort of their own house. Working from home has many perks, including having the choice to work outside if the weather permits. Now that spring is approaching and the days are getting lighter, here’s how you can turn your outdoor space into your own unique office.

Connect to WiFi

If you’re working from home, the likelihood is that most of your job is centered around working on a computer or laptop. But how do you extend your wifi to your garden or shed? I hear you ask. Your broadband router may not be strong enough to reach your outdoor space, which is a big problem when you need internet access to work. Luckily, there are a number of new technologies to try that can solve this problem.  A wifi extender is perfect for your situation. Simply plug it into the mains of your home and the signal is bounced into your garden area.

Get Decked Out

If you’re thinking about renovating your outdoor space to make it more work friendly, then you might want to contact a lawn service and local architect to help you to design and put up some decking. With decking installed, you can create a level workspace area, complete with table and chairs.

Create a Shelter

When an unexpected downfall occurs, you need to ensure you have the necessary protection, especially when your laptop is outside. Keep it covered by investing in a table umbrella at the very least, or invest in a gazebo to keep your electrical devices safe.

Upgrade Your Table

When you’re working outdoors you’re going to need a decent sized workspace for your laptop, documents and anything else you might need. A large comfortable table is essential, so you may need to upgrade if your budget and garden size allows. Flat, sturdy surfaces like steel are the best option, but they often cost the most. Wood works great too.

Improve Your Focus

Working from the garden is a great way to sharpen your focus and enjoy a stress free atmosphere. Offices can often feel stifling, so make the most of the natural sounds around you. The fresh air will also help to re-energize you.

Beautify Your Work Station

Pots of flowers and vibrant decor will help to uplift your mood and keep you inspired. Also the natural scents are a nice added bonus! Make sure your work table is placed so that you will have the best view of the garden, for some natural stimulation.

Think About Lighting

Of course we all want to sit under the sun and relax while we work, but be careful of the sun’s glare on the surface of your laptop. Although it’s not as enticing, a shady spot is probably a better idea when it comes to working outdoors. You might also want to think about investing in a laptop sun protector to combat those harsh glares.

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