How to Create Forms for any Business without Having Coding Skills

codingBusinesses need to establish their web presence if they want to reach out to their target market and gain more clients moving forward. Being online makes a huge difference in spreading the word about what you do and what you offer to people on a global basis. Also, it provides a great opportunity for you to engage with your customers and followers who can eventually become your clients.

But creating on online presence goes beyond just building a website. Some important elements need to be put into place to ensure that you are achieving your goals. One of the most vital elements of a business website is the contact form. It provides many benefits such as generating leads and getting customer feedback. Some companies also prefer having this form instead of sharing their email address publicly which can attract spam robots.

Creating these online contact forms is not very difficult these days as it can be done with no coding involved. In WordPress, for instance, there are plugins available to help you easily make a form. However, you can always customize one to suit your needs.

How to Create a Form on WordPress

WordPress is one platform that enables users to create a contact form without using any code. It makes use of a plugin available in both free and paid options.

The most commonly used plugin is the WPForms. It is very user-friendly with a drag and drop builder and more importantly, it is absolutely free to use. Those who want to add more features in their contact form can choose the Pro version.

You can find the WPForms plugin when you’re logged in to the admin panel of your website. Simply type the name in the search box and click the Install Now button. After installation, you need to activate the plugin and once done, you can start creating your form.

It should not be difficult to make your form as WordPress has a drag and drop form builder. You can then choose from the free form templates and give your form a name. You can also add fields if you want and remember to save it once you’re done with all the steps.

Fields to Include

Depending on what information you want to gather from your visitors and clients, you can include several fields in the online contact form on your website. A simple form contains the basic fields such as the name, email and message. Some companies, however, want to be more specific hence, they provide a subject field and a dropdown menu for specific topics. These are covered under advanced fields.

A CAPTCHA field can also be added if you want to avoid spam messages. CAPTCHA is short for Completely Automated Public Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart and its goal is to ensure that the user is really human.

Free Form Builders

Other than WordPress, there are many more free and paid plugins that you can take advantage of from various online resources. Most are fast and easy to use but remember to choose carefully the one that suits your needs.

123ContactForm.This is an online HTML form builder that can create not only contact forms but also surveys, email forms, event registration forms and other types of web forms. A user does not need to have a background in coding to create an online form. The easy drag and drop feature lets you customize your form, email notification and publish it on your website or blog.

ContactFormBuilder. This tool is fully customizable and can be modified with no coding work involved. You simply copy the generated code and insert it after clicking the contact form shortcode button. It also allows users to add and remove form fields where necessary.

ManyContacts. This tool features a drop-down contacts form creator and lets users customize their form whether via color, text and form field. What makes it different from the others is it provides businesses access to a contact’s detailed information including social profiles, location and IP address just by clicking an email address.

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