How To Build A Team Like A Boss

coffeeIf you are a manager or business owner of any kind, everything will run much more smoothly if you have a team that are all working together to achieve their goals. There has been so much research done into how to build a successful team, but still some bosses insist that a divide and conquer method is the best. If your team works harmoniously, they will be happier, more productive and will be more likely to stay with your organisation for longer.

Though there are plenty of methods out there for building a strong team, here are a few general points that you should consider.

Communicate Clearly

As a manager, you will save yourself so many problems if you communicate all your goals clearly. If you have a major project coming up, hold a team meeting with everyone that needs to be involved and clearly state exactly what you need each member of your team to do and what you are hoping the outcomes will be. After this, follow it up with an email so all your team have a document that reinforces your points. Clear communication will reduce in-fighting amongst your team and will make sure everyone is on the same page. As the project goes on, issue regular updates and take all feedback on board.

Define Responsibilities

A similar point to the last one but one that is still important, make sure the responsibilities of each team member are clearly laid out and try to avoid overlap where possible. If you are putting one person in charge of a particular project, explain your reasoning behind this so that there is a clear hierarchy in place. If people are unsure, try to encourage them to see you on an individual basis so you can clarify for them.

Provide Equal Training

Employee development is an ongoing process which you should be overseeing. When you organise training exercises, make sure everyone who needs to be involved is present as it is very easy for people to feel left out and resentful. If you have two employees who can learn from each other, pair them together in an equal teaching relationship. Explain that you expect ongoing development and training is an essential part of this.

Build Relationships

If you are having a meeting, try to encourage a bit of informal chitchat before things get started. Accept a reasonable degree of socialising inside the office, but also know where to draw the line. You can even arrange corporate teambuilding events to bring people closer together. See socialising outside of the office as a positive thing that will be transferred back to the office.

Provide Feedback

If you have positive feedback to give, it can be nice to give this in front of the entire team, but remember not to continually praise the same one or two people as this can quickly cause resentment. Negative feedback should be given on a one to one basis as this can cause embarrassment.

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