Happy Customers Always Spend More

presentAll business owners should want to keep their customers happy and spending. That isn’t always easy if you don’t have lots of retail experience. So, we wanted to provide you with some actionable advice you can use this year. With a bit of luck, it should help to ensure that you keep everyone smiling and purchasing as many products as possible. The process isn’t complicated; you just need to think outside of the box. While the suggestions on this page work in most instances, you still need to use some common sense. Consider the nature of your company before engaging in any of the strategies mentioned below. You just might have to tailor them slightly, so they produce the best results for your brand.

Send free gifts when they spend a lot of money

There is no getting away from the fact that everyone loves getting something for free. Indeed, that is why you’re reading this article today instead of paying for professional advice. So, it makes sense to reward your customers when they spend over a certain amount of cash. Maybe you could say that anyone who places an order valued at more than $100 gets something extra? Your customers will feel happy when they open their package and notice something they weren’t expecting. That process doesn’t have to bankrupt your firm because you don’t have to give them an expensive product. Something valued between $5 and $10 should be enough to make them smile.

Offer secret discounts to your most loyal customers

Creating an elite discounts bonus club for your customers is a sensible move. Maybe you could add a section to your website that only some people encounter? You could make sure that only those who’ve spent a lot of money get to access that part of your domain. That will get them feeling special and valued as a customer. They are also likely to take advantage of the deals because they help them to save money. Of course, we all know they wouldn’t have spent the cash in the first place if they didn’t see the offer. So, you’re still encouraging people to give you money they wouldn’t otherwise have spent. With that in mind, it doesn’t matter if your profit margins are slightly lower on those discounted items.

Get out onto the street and speak to them in person

Most consumers like to know their opinions count. That is why getting out on the street to talk to them is always a sensible move. You can hand out free gifts to encourage them to stop and chat to you for a little while. When you have their attention, you could ask them to rate your products or services and offer suggestions. That is the single best way to make them feel important and improve your operation at the same time. A company like Dynamic Gift could provide marquee tents and everything you need to catch the attention of passers-by. So, you just need to set a date and get in touch with your local authority. In some instances, you might have to apply for permission to place yourself on a busy high street for the day.

Always deal with customer service issues promptly

No matter how hard you try to get things right, you will annoy some of your customers at some point. Maybe your team sent the wrong product for delivery? Perhaps the delivery was late or damaged? Either way, your approach to customer service will determine your level of success. There is every possibility you could lose a consumer if you don’t get things right. At the end of the day, you just need to apologize wholeheartedly and offer a refund. If you do that, most customers will smile again. Your business loses a bit of cash, but you ensure the individual will continue spending lots of money in the future.

Make life easy for them with a mobile app

Smartphone applications are an excellent way to increase brand awareness and sales. However, they’re also convenient tools for all your customers. The process of making a purchase is much faster when they use an app. Also, they are free to browse your stock at a time that suits them. They might open your app on the commute to work, or when they’re in the bath. Most people don’t have a lot of free time these days, and anything you can do to speed the buying process is wise. Don’t worry too much if you don’t have thousands to invest in the development of an app. There are specialists out there who will create everything you need without breaking the bank. You just need to shop around.

Send them a card for their birthdays and Christmas

Sending birthday and Christmas cards to your customers is an excellent strategy for making them smile. Indeed, it’s surprising every company doesn’t employ that method. Letting the person know you were thinking of them on their big day will make a positive impression. Your card might go on display in their living rooms along with all the others they receive. At the very least, you’ll make them think about your brand, and that’s all you need. Use the information they entered when opening an account through your website. You already have their date of birth on your system. So, you just need to make sure you send cards around one week before. That way, they will always get there in time.

You should now have some new ideas about the best ways to make your customers smile this year. Try to put them into practice as you move forwards, and judge the results for yourself. We are convinced you will notice an improvement in sales, and you will retain more of your customers. Remember, one unhappy person will tell two of their friends, and so on. Pretty soon you’d end up without any cash in your accounts because everyone decided to spend their money elsewhere. You never want that to happen. So, put the concepts from this page into action as soon as you can.

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