Cool Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Swoon Over

giftLots of sales professionals and business owners are continually trying to seal deals with both existing and new clients. By doing so, they will be able to increase their company’s revenues, which can ultimately lead to a significant growth in the business. However, there is always one problem that many professionals stumble on. And it is finalizing the deal! Sometimes, clients can be quite demanding when it comes to the benefits that they will get from signing on the dotted line. But, thankfully, there are some ways you can smooth talk your way to get your clients to sign a deal that benefits both of you. And one of the best persuasive tools is corporate gifts! Here are some cool gift ideas that will help you sweet talk anyone.

A Day At The Golf Club

Lots of managers and business owners have a reputation for being big lovers of golf. While this is true that many men love to relax by practicing their swing out on the green, it is also a great way to chat about business in a very relaxed environment. In fact, you might be surprised to hear that a lot of business deals are agreed to out on the putting green. That’s probably clients are so relaxed, they will happily agree to most things! So, if you know a potential client enjoys golf, treat him to a couple of hours in the golf club.

Dog Treats

One way businesses try to reach clients is through their pets! You can guarantee that dog owners absolutely adore their pooch, and they will love a present for their pet just as much as the dog does! So why not get the pet a treat rather than something just for the owner. This way, it won’t look too obvious that you are trying to sweet talk your client! You could treat your client’s pup to a BarBox. These cool boxes are filled with lots of treats and toys that any dog will love!

Personalized Stationery

If you are looking for a very sophisticated and respectable corporate gift, we have just the one for you – personalized stationery! There are lots of different things that fall into the stationery category, including business thank you notes, diaries, and letterheads. If you want to really impress your client, you should personalize the gift with his business brand or his own initials.

Health Food Boxes

Lots of people are now getting into healthy eating, as it has been proven to help improve both health and focus in the office. So, you should think about indulging your client’s healthy eating habits by treating them to hampers or boxes of healthy food. You can even find some hampers that are packed full with delicious superfoods. Of course, if you know that they have been particularly stressed recently, you might want to gift them a fruit basket, as fruit is full of lots of nutrients that can help relieve stress.

So there you have it. Buy one of the gifts, present it to your client, and they’ll sign on the dotted line in no time!

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