Can You DIY SEO?

seoNot too long ago we posted about the concept of the DIY business. Essentially, what this means is that you can create a business from scratch, by yourself, without any help needed. You might use the occasional outsourcing service, but for the most part, everything is sorted with your own two hands. That might be quite an appealing idea. After all, you can keep costs low and make the business a lot easier to handle. But, let’s be honest, not everything can be DIY in business. Some things are too complicated, and they require additional expertise or skill. If you try and DIY these areas of your company, you might find that you fall flat on your face. One example of this would be SEO. Can you DIY search engine optimization. The short answer would be no, but it’s worth explaining this possibility in a little more detail.

It’s Not Simple

One of the first mistakes people make about SEO is thinking that it’s simple. Of course it isn’t. In the past, SEO was all about using the right keywords on your site that connected with what users were searching for. Then links were added to increase the SEO and after that backlinks. Eventually, we reached the point we are at today. Everything you do online related to your company, website or business can impact SEO. We do mean everything from the content you create to the information you share to how you utilize social media. Thus adding keywords is no longer a possibility. At least, not alone. There are also other forms of SEO that you may want to look into. For instance, you might want to consider using a paid for SEO technique such as PPC.

It’s Dangerous

There are what companies refer to as black hat tactics of SEO. This essentially means that while they are not illegal, they are certainly frowned upon. If you get caught using a black hat SEO tactic, there will be consequences. The problem is that people often don’t understand what is acceptable and what isn’t. A skilled service such as Admin E-solutions for SEO works outside of blackhat tactics. But a typical business owner doesn’t. For instance, if keywords impact SEO it makes sense to add as many as possible to your site, right? Wrong, because this is generally seen as keyword stuffing. If you do this, you will find that while SEO works, your success will be short-lived. Why?


As we mentioned, there are consequences for using poor versions of SEO. One problem that you’ll need to deal with is the Google penalties. Google penalties are awarded for two reasons. Either, your SEO is not natural, or your website is of poor quality. Don’t forget that having poor SEO can also make your website poor quality. Google is obsessed with making sure that only great sites are seen by the majority of internet users. They do this using an algorithm, and it gets stricter every day. So, you do need to be careful, and that’s why you can’t DIY SEO.

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