Automation Is Everywhere!

robotBy 2030, factories and offices are going to look quite different compared to today. For one thing, there’s going to be a lot fewer people, and that’s all thanks to automation. If you don’t know, automation simply means processes that don’t require human interference. As an example, you can now purchase a vacuum that, once it’s setup, will clean your home without any help from you. It is able to navigate around walls, furniture and once it’s finished, it will return to it’s charging port. On a schedule, it can even clean daily without ever needing input from you. Right away you’re wondering whether you even need cleaners for your office. Surely if you purchase this tech, you’re good to go. Well, we’re not quite at that stage yet, but there is evidence automation is going to take over the business world soon enough.

Content Production

How do you get content for your business right now? The answer is probably to hire a marketing team. They, in turn, will get writers and video developers to work on producing content for your business. But do you actually need anyone writing your content? Or, can it be automated? According to the Washington Post, it depends on how important the content is. They have been using software to write stories for a couple of years now rather than journalists. Obviously, if it’s an important story there will be a writer, but for anything like sponsored content, software is key. Right now, there’s a problem with this. The current software can’t produce high-quality material. And, with the level of content online, increasing every day, it’s becoming more important to stand out. But give it time. In a few years, this software will be complex enough to create killer content.

Customer Service

Do you hate waiting hours to speak to a customer service operator? We’ve got news for you. So do your customers, and there’s good news for everyone here. Now, you can invest in automated call handling software. A lot of big businesses are now using this tech rather than bothering to fill a room with people to answer phones. These days customers rarely ever need to speak to an actual employee. Instead, they can move through the processes quite quickly with zero delays. For the business owner, it just means that costs are cut right down, and they deliver a far more efficient service.

Money Management

Do you worry about the way money is spent in your business? Of course, you do, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend hours fussing over it. Now you can get automated accounts payable to customers, clients and suppliers that don’t need your input at all. Once you have the software, everything can be handled automatically. In a few years, we might have AI deciding what we should and shouldn’t invest in!


All business owners eyes were on Amazon’s first attempted drone delivery. After it was successful, you can bet a lot of businesses were thinking about whether they could use the same type of service in their model. Though still at its infancy stage we wouldn’t be surprised to see delivery drivers become obsolete in ten or twenty years.

Like it or not automation is the future of the business world. You need to get on board or get out of the way.

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