8 Rules to Follow if You Want to Exceed Client Expectations

customerYour clients are your bread and butter no matter how big or small your business is or what type of services and goods you offer. Therefore, your main goal should be not just to please them, but to go above and beyond what they require. In a world of overwhelming competition, being “just good enough” is no longer good enough.

The following are eight rules that you can follow to ensure that you always exceed your customer’s expectations.

Go down this list in your mind every time you serve someone, and it will become a second nature to you:

1. Digest Instructions Thoroughly

One of the most important rules that you could ever memorise is the one that says you need to pay attention to the client’s instructions. You must slow down and embed the instructions into your mind whether you are listening to the client in person or reading something that he or she wrote to you.

Not honouring the directions could put a bad taste in the client’s mouth that may last the duration of your relationship with him or her. To the contrary, a positive experience may permanently etch your name into the client’s mind when it comes time for additional projects.

2. Follow Instructions Thoroughly

Part two of digesting instructions thoroughly is following instructions thoroughly. You must make sure that you do everything the client asks you do and avoid doing what he or he asks you not to do. Think of it as insurance. Once you exceed the customer’s expectation, that person will know to trust you with projects from that point on.

3. Use the Appropriate Team Members

Ensure that you send the best team out to conduct group tasks and projects. Take careful consideration of each team member’s skill set competency with the assigned task before you put that person on it. The goal is to excel what the client wants. To do that, you will need to put together a team of people who have proven themselves capable of conducting the assigned task and more. Use your best judgement.

4. Always Meet or Precede Deadlines

Always get the job done by time the customer specifies that he or she wants it complete. If you can get it done before the deadline, that will be just wonderful. Planning the time that you will spend on the project is the best way to ensure that you meet the deadline. You can make use of the features of project planning software to help you reach that goal of excellency. One such feature is a planning board that gives you a complete view of all the projects that you have set up. It gives you email alerts if the time for a project is approaching and thus ultimately helps to ensure deadlines aren’t missed.

5. Take an Extra Step

Always try to think of an extra step that you can perform for your client. For example, if you were a resume writing service, you may provide a cover letter, as well. Your auto repair shop may go the extra mile by changing the air filter with the oil, or at least altering the client that it needs to be done.

6. Resolve Problems Immediately

Resolve all customer issues and complaints right away. Many customers end up working with the competition because they feel slighted about something that happened with the original service provider. A company that wants to succeed must know when to pick battles and when to go by the “customer is always right” rule. Try to resolve all issues in the client’s favour if that is at all possible, but don’t do it at the expense of an innocent worker. Use fair judgment.

7. Offer Incentives/Rewards

Offer your clients incentives every now and again even if the incentive doesn’t seem like it is that much. Promotional items like t-shirts, hats, pens and other items can bring a massive amount of business to your establishment. It can make the consumer feel appreciated, as well. Implementing reward programs is often the most successful technique for businesses.

8. Thank the Client for Businesses

Finally, you should always thank the client for his or her business, no matter how great or small. Every customer is an integral part of your business’ foundation. The more you please the customers, the more business you will receive.

Show your client’s why your business is worth the investment by implementing some of the above rules into your processes. This will ultimately help improve your reputation and may heighten the success of your company.

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